Dear Artist: A Few Things To Know About Social Media Campaigns, Websites, Blogs & PR. 

Dear Artist: A Few Things To Know About Social Media Campaigns, Websites, Blogs & PR. 

Dear Artist: A Few Things To Know About Social Media Campaigns, Websites, Blogs & PR. (Picture Source: 

We will try to make this as comprehensive as possible. We won’t handle each of the above independently because they work hand in hand. The one major reason we are writing this article is because erroneously many think that Social Media is the new free platform for promotion of content. New, yes. Free, no. 

The notion that social media for marketing is free is a lie. Social Media for your personal use and enjoyment is free. It is also free for you to sign up and use if all you wish to do is be counted among the many who are on social media. This is information that is freely available on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and others. For your content, let’s say it is a post about your music, event or cause, to have greater visibility, you need to pay in dollars. This is public information. Unfortunately some people simply don’t know this. Or, they haven’t bothered to follow-up on how many people are viewing what they have shared.

What that means is, you can share your posts without promoting them by paying dollars (note the emphasis here) and it will reach a certain limited number of people. It is something we cannot do much about anymore. Even with great content, ads are becoming a necessity.

That aside, there is the whole task of handling a campaign. Let us be a bit honest with all of you here. Every single day a team is out their planning how their campaign can get the best visibility, or get comments or shares etc, depending on your goals. I haven’t even mentioned trends and driving sales or content marketing here. It therefore means that someone, an expert hopefully, is spending their time thinking for you as a brand and how to interact with your audience. We have run some of the campaigns ourselves.

The big question you should ask yourself is this. Do you have the time and skills required to handle your own online promotion? Secondly, if you cannot handle it yourself, how much time, intellect and thought do you think someone needs to put into your cause or campaign? Also, if they had other things to do and have to leave that to do this for you, is it not good to think about payment or at least, an appreciation?


It has become apparent to us that with poor communication, a lot of great content goes unnoticed. Our generation is blessed with things that those who went before us did not have. You have Social Media (Facebook, Twitter (our favorite), Instagram, Whatsapp, etc), Blogs, websites, soundcloud, hulkshare, reverberation etc. All of these are places you can upload and share your content or communicate to teams that can give you a hand. As much as by nature we will look out for great content in the hope of featuring or giving some a voice, it is your duty as an artists or artiste representative to find these people and platforms, afterall, it is your role.

A lot of content simply goes unnoticed because of bad online and offline PR. The artiste and or representative does not communicate and worse still, when they do and you get back, they will take too long to respond and by the time they do, they do not wish to follow protocol. By protocol, we mean things like content submission policy.

We have said this before and we will say it again (this may sound rude, don’t take the negative), do not think that the different platforms operate the same way. We all have different considerations for things to feature on the platforms God has given us to steward. We have a vision, though our collective mission is ultimately to promote God, Gospel music and wholesome content. Be professional. Approach each platform with an inquiry of what it takes to be featured. That is, if you think they have a role to play in reaching your target audience.

We probably already said something about why a promoter won’t give your material a push. Read that here.

Finally. Have a Social Media budget, whether to be executed by yourself or by one whose experience you trust, have one. Times are changing. We may not discuss every little detail. Feel free to leave a thought. Share and tag those you think need to read this.

We are looking out for you all.


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