#PornFreeUg Campaign Kicks Off In Style At Taibah International School.

A picture after one of the sessions at Taibah International School.

A picture after one of the sessions at Taibah International School.

On Wednesday the 22th August, the first installment of a pornography Free Schools campaign kicked off in style at Taibah International School. Held at the school premises, the day started with a morning session where Godfrey Kutesa who is no stranger to our readers speaking to those in the lower secondary classes. On arrival, we were welcomed by the very hospitable staff team that also attended the morning session.

Starting off with a reminder that all the young ladies and gentlemen present could be whatever they aspired to be, Godfrey Kutesa shared his childhood story and expressed the undeniable truth that we are all born with potential. As much as we all aspire to be our best, certain things, and in his case pornography, takes away our innocence. His is a story we have heard for a while but each time he tells it we learn something new.

On the night after his encounter with the deadly vice, he recalls his ‘little’ heart beating without restraint and he lost sleep. He told of his desire for more and more of what had infiltrated his mind and had started to affect his performance in class. To bring this message into perspective, he shared that, for some, it may not be pornography but drug abuse, sex addictions, pride, disrespect among other things that affect the youth.

Occasionally, he shared jokes that took the student’s minds off of what he was sharing before continuing with his talk. This he continued in the afternoon with the upper classes who attended in large numbers and listened with keen interest. Godfrey used illustrations which provoked the student’s thinking and encouraged them to live healthy lives in all aspects. It was therefore no surprise that when he encouraged the students to reflect on their lives and write on a small piece of paper what had been holding them back, all responded positively. 

After a long day at this great school, we were more than convinced that this is a great cause. For us, the day was done, for him however, more had to be done and King’s College Buddo was his next stop for an evening meeting with students. According to Godfrey Kutesa, this too went well.

What a way to commence the campaign. We hope to keep you updated on the activities both here and on our Twitter @UgGospelLife whenever we can but we are more than sure this is a great cause.

Peace. Out.


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