Entrepreneurship Guru Dr Shingi Munyeza Visited Uganda and Has promised To Be Back Next Year.

Dr Shingi Munyeza while at

Dr Shingi Munyeza while at “Igniting the Entrepreneur in you” Conference.

From the 14th of August to the 16th, Uganda hosted Dr Shingi Munyeza an acclaimed Entrepreneurship Guru from Zimbabwe who doubles as a pastor. Prior to his arrival, when we got wind of this news, we were so excited and started inviting all of you to be a part of this experience. Dr Shingi Munyeza was in the country and before leaving, he shared this,

On Friday 14th, Dr Shingi Munyeza shared his story of being a village boy whose only dream was to be a bus driver. He said, in his first session on The Journey Of An Entrepreneur, that you must dream big. He further said, “Your level of exposure determines your level of revelation.” This we found to be very profound after he expounded using the Bible example of the story of Joseph. Joseph who grew up in a farming community could not dream of aeroplanes because all he was exposed to was wheat. Some of our favorite points from day one are here.

He also said that an entrepreneur should know that a business plan won’t save them.

Dr Shingi Munyeza challenged our thinking further saying, business is not for the faint hearted and that tithe and offerings alone cannot be used to advance God’s Kingdom.

On the second day, Saturday the 15th, he taught on the Poverty cycle and addressed how our background, the one talent curse (a tendency toward small-scale business and peasant farming), the self-made fallacy of many who wish to do things alone, the evasive instant millionaire (where many want to succeed overnight) among others as mindsets keeping many poor.

He said we should try to spend time with people who have overcome in our areas of weakness/struggle. This and more you can find on our live Twitter reporting using hashtag #MeetShingi during the Conference as well as the Sunday service which was the climax of all the activities.

On Saturday evening, Dr Shingi Munyeza was hosted to a dinner where he freely shared his acquired business skills and heart to heart messages of encouragement in response to questions that were raised by those who had attended. We were there all the way and were tremendously blessed through the conference, Television appearance at Morning at NTV Uganda and being hosted on Beneath The Surface at Power Fm.

A prayer of bledsing for Dr Shingi Munyeza by Deliverance Church Pastoral Team.

A prayer of blessing for Dr Shingi Munyeza by Deliverance Church Pastoral Team.

We cannot wait for #MeetShingi season two in August 2016. His visit has also led to the initiation of what is to be a mentorship program for entrepreneurs. Details on this we will share as and when they come in. The Conference was sponsored by P-Save a Christian saving scheme under deliverance Church that accepts membership from people beyond the Deliverance Church borders.

If you wish to have a copy of the messages that Dr Shingi Munyeza shared during his visit to Uganda, visit Deliverance Church information desks during service times and get yourself this life transforming teaching. 

We re-echo what we shared when Dr Shingi Munyeza was announced to be coming to Uganda. God must be encouraging Uganda and indeed Africa to reach out to those in the marketplace. He sent Julian Kyula ahead of Dr Shingi Munyeza and The Inspire Synergy affiliate churches have caught on to the vision.

Do not be left behind. Also, we can not share with you everything that he taught. Next time don’t miss out.


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