Vision With Hope Are Dancing For A Good Cause. See What Happened At Their Concert.

Gospel Singer, Coopy Bly with Vision With Hope Dancers During Charity Concert.

Gospel Singer, Coopy Bly with Vision With Hope Dancers During Charity Concert.

It is Sunday 9th August, a day after Ruyonga’s long awaited concert and album release shows. We had attended the Glory Experience as well as The Fire Army shows because we are Ug Gospel Life and an event of this magnitude required our presence. We had a great time on both shows. The downside however, was that by Sunday, your writer wanted to just go and rest. Well, duty called and it required that we were present at Capital Community Church, Mengo for Vision With Hope’s concert. Vision With Hope is a dance group and their name sounds like a charity organisation probably because they are dancing for a great cause.

Knowing us, we have been around for a lot of events and we have seen them on many occasions. The one factor that made us decide to represent at the concert was because they intend to use the proceeds to reach out to Bulopa community in Busoga region. They were joined by Urban Gospel music pioneer Seku Martin toward the end of the show and he told the crowd that filled the church hall, that dancing is not simple and he himself being both dancer, though retired and singer, supported the cause.

In his performance, he took off time to encourage the crowd to give. The concert started almost two hours from its intended time of commencement with Kali 21, JK Shine, Jackie Senyonjo being opening acts. Kali 21 started with a dance then performed Flying colors. JK Shine effortlessly got the crowd hyped but many still stayed on their seats. When our host, Spirit Fm’s King Wesley introduced Jackie Senyonjo, we were all filled with joy. She performed her fast rising hit single Tuwaye, a recent one Mulamu and some old ones including Netaga Gwe, Ndoopera Gwe before exiting the stage.

Rising star nominated Dance Group Storm Riders came out to support Vision With Hope. Being experts at their thing, they pulled impressive moves while on the stage. Their dancing did not stop when they left the stage, they continued enjoying themselves off stage with impressive strokes the poor dancers could only admire. No hard feelings. You were great.

Muro Ronald and a couple of other dancers all performed before Vision With Hope were introduced amidst ululations. Their first performance was the most vigorous and they were joined by Cooper Bly who then went on to perform most of his hits including What A Love, Onsalangako, and Beautiful God

Holy Keane Amooti was the next artiste and he took off time to share his testimony as well as to encourage the Christians saying, it is not all about dancing and jumping. He has a 23rd August show we recommend. He was also joined by Vision With Hope during some of his songs. It wad a great night and we were happy that many came out to support both Vision With Hope as well as their cause to spread the word. This should go out as an encouragement to all talented Youth to use their God given gifts for impacting communities.

The Vision With Hope team did well to partner with some of the best Gospel Musicians, what will you do for your generation?

For us, we seek to inspire you through what we do on our platforms.


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