Newly Married Top Comedian Uncle Bob Shares Abstinence Message.

Uncle Bob weds Leletu Jocelyn anf shares Abstinence Message.

Uncle Bob weds Leletu Jocelyn and shares Abstinence Message. (Pic Courtesy of The Primetimer Blog)

Many believe abstaining from sex before marriage is a myth and something that cannot be achieved. The fact that many teenagers and youth in our generation are discipled by Holywood and the media which portrays sex as a casual activity has made many youth defenceless. Some even consider it merely a game that is played and yet The Bible encourages us to offer our bodies a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto The Lord. Sex is physical, emotional and Spiritual all at the same time. It is however unknown to many that involvement in sexual activities creates a soul tie and transference of spirits and that is why the Bible commands us to live a sexually pure life.

Here is something for those of you who do not believe it is possible.

Uncle Bob, real name, Bob Ambrose Nuwagira is a HIT Awards nominated comedian and one who is no stranger to most of you who attend comedy events organised by Pablo as well as Prime Time which takes place at Makerere Swimming pool. He and longtime fiance Leletu Jocelyn, tied the knot late July (25th 2015).

So, comedian Uncle Bob who has been courting his then fiancé, now wife for three years finally tied the knot in a colorful event as reported by The Primetimer blog. He even has a message for those waiting when asked how it had been. He said,

It’s a great feel, and knowing that…you’ve walked the journey, we thank God. Of course it’s not our strength, we can not credit it to anything, really really anything. We credit it to God for his grace to stand in sexual purity, but also I want to thank my wife (looks at Jocelyn) who for this long has stood with me, encouraged me, yeah she’s been there for me, she has known that was our objective to remain sexually pure to keep the testimony and aaa…we’ve helped each other.

He continues to share with those who wish to follow in his footsteps,

The message for the Primetimer is number One; We have one who enables us to do things aaah…we are not our own, we are not the drivers of our lives we have one who drives our lives, we have one who can make us achieve everything and anything, so that’s the very first beginning point, we have to fix ourselves on the one and I am talking about God, so you have to know God, you must have a personal relationship with God, you must read the bible, follow his principles, but also… purpose, make it a purpose. If it’s an objective, if you made a pledge, if you made a covenant, purpose on it and let it happen walk the talk yeah…. walk the talk.

If you wish to read the entire blog post, check the primetimer blog.

We here wish the couple a happy marriage.


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