#TheUntoldStory: Is Matthew Guilty Of Desire Mirembe’s Murder Or Is The Media Playing Games?

Makerere University student Desire Mirembe Jemimah Who Was Murdered.

Makerere University student Desire Mirembe Jemimah Who Was Murdered.

Recently we featured a story of the lovely Desire Mirembe Jemimah a Makerere University student who was reportedly raped and then murdered. What a tragic occurrence! It felt like a horror movie story only that it had happened home and close to our hearts. It was even worse that the authorities seemed to be doing nothing constructive to find the culprits and put them to book. It was reported in the USA that “Women are much more likely to be victims of intimate partner violence with 85 percent of domestic abuse victims being women and 15 percent men.” If you read the story we shared, you must be wondering why we are adding this fact here. Read on.

A few days after our Desire Mirembe Jemimah’s corpse was discovered, it was reported that a student from Makerere University was arrested because the authorities believed that he had information that would lead them to finding the killer of Desire. What the media however did not report, according to our sources, is the truth that this student had in fact turned himself in to answer some questions because he was informed that the police was looking for him. He did not go there once. He reported to the police station twice and on different days and was detained on the second time. Who is this student?

Matthew Kirabo is a fourth year student at Makerere University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Health sciences. His friends intimated to us that Matthew loves cooking, hanging out with them mostly at church and farming during his free time. From what his friends say, Matthew is a friendly man and in fact, is a bass guitarist at his home church, Deliverance Church. Why are we telling you this?

Matthew and Desire were in a relationship at the time of Desire’s demise. Currently, we have not yet clarified how long these two had been in a relationship. The story that media hasn’t told you is, still according to our sources, that the two had both allegedly received death threats which Matthew reported to Wandegeya Police station. This threat, we were told, was ignored by the police. After a while, the unfortunate happened and if you have been following, this led to the police looking for Matthew to respond to certain questions. He willingly went to the police station to make a statement, that is when he was detained for further questioning. After being held for more that the lawful 48 hours without any charges laid against him, his friends and family got concerned and starting to share some posts on Facebook and Twitter under the hashtag #FreeMatthew. The story did not quite pick momentum because a lot of questions needed to be answered. All that the public knew was what the media had reported and that is, that a Makerere student had been detained in connection with the murder of Desire.

During the period when the online awareness campaign was set in motion, we starting to ask Matthews’ family and friends to tell us where he had been on the period leading to Desire’s murder. Here, we will take you back to a bit of what we shared earlier. Friday 10th July, Desire Mirembe Jemimah is reported missing by family members. Saturday the 11th, a Social Media call to help find her sets in motion. Her corpse is found on Tuesday 14th July.

On the Friday of 10th July 2015 when Desire disappeared, there was an overnight prayer at Deliverance Church Makerere which Matthew Kirabo attended and there are many who saw him at this church. For those who do not know where Deliverance Church is, it is at Makerere Hill Road in Kampala City and Desire had gone for another fellowship in Jinja district. It therefore caught most of the people who attended this overnight, his friends and family by surprise when he was held for over 48 hours without any charges and shortly before his lawyer could secure a release order, Matthew was transferred to Nalufenya Prison in Jinja which is known for holding some of the most notorious criminals and terrorists.

Matthew has since been returned to the Central Police Station and certain media houses started reporting that he had confessed to a murder. To this, our sources say, that is a lie that has been fabricated to further tarnish the name of an innocent man.

It remains to be found what the truth really is. Whether justice will be allowed to take its due course and a man who many have called humorous and friendly will be found innocent, that is yet to be seen. But, as your team, we saw it fit to tell you the side of the story that the media is not telling. We definitely can not blame the media for wanting a good story. Unfortunately, if the cost of a good story is the life of one whose only crime was to fall in love with a girl who met an untimely, tragic death, then may God have mercy upon them.

It is thought that the real reason Matthew Kirabo was taken to Nalufenya was to hide him from his lawyer and family since he may have been tortured in an attempt to extract a confession from him. If this is indeed how suspects, who are innocent till proven guilty are treated, then our police has failed us.

May the truth come to light.

We will keep you posted on this.


9 responses to “#TheUntoldStory: Is Matthew Guilty Of Desire Mirembe’s Murder Or Is The Media Playing Games?

  1. this is when I want to sing the national anthem,
    oh Uganda, may God uphold thee
    we lay our future in thy hands…


    • So Matthew is innocent! Huh! Y’all going to blame the media fot tarnishing ‘innocent him’!!! Wasn’t Desire’s murder bad enough that you now have to come out and starting making up stories of how Matthew was at his church for overnight! Yesssss.. He was there.. But he was there at 3am! And he failed to account for the time before 3am! As in where was he before he appeared at church at 3am.. All evidence is pointing at Matthew and we should be glad that the concerned actually hired private investigators to look deeper into the case… And now you’re saying that all that he did was to fall in love with a beautiful girl..
      Matthew is guilty and he should stop to play victim!


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  4. John 8:32 .. and you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.
    And that is our prayer that the truth of this matter will be found out and that Matthew will be set free. That the Lord will expose the culprits who murdered Desire, so that somehow the pain in the hearts of Desire’s parents and her entire family may be lessened even in the minutest proportions and that the peace of the Lord will reign.

    With man this may look impossible but with God all things are possible


  5. uganda’s police so weak, no forensic team,they lack equipments….i bet iv it wea in the states the culprit wud be behind bars.intead of picking at the wrong people .upgrade ur systems with qualified and effective forensics…


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