Hope Kid Sets Foot In Uganda, We Bring You An Exclusive Feature. #MavunoRetro

In the picture (L-R) Abel The MC, Hope Kid, Deejay Awar, and S-Kamzac.

In the picture (L-R) Abel The MC, Hope Kid, Deejay Awar, and S-Kamzac.

Gospel singer Hope Kid who is popular for his Holiday hit single has set foot on Ugandan soils. In the picture above you see him with Deejay Awar, DJ S-kam zac and Abel The MC from Kenya. This is Hope Kid’s second time in the country and this time it is for Mavuno Retro which is taking place at Kampala Parents School. 

Hope Kid will be joined by Zambian singers Pompi and Mag 44. The first time Hope Kid was in Uganda, he had come for Groove Switch Concert with Dafari, Suz Eye and Evelyn (who is both artiste and a sister to Dafari.) He says, he really loved his first time in Uganda being in the shadows with Dafari who is his mentor.

Hope Kid has promised a collaboration with Uganda’s Coopy Bly. In an exclusive, he told us he would also love to work with Levixone, Wilson Bugembe, Holy Keane, or Katalina. Hope Kid, who has two Groove Awards to his name and the album Am Blessed which he released late last year, says he would love to hold a concert in Uganda. That concert he continues, would definitely need to be planned by we the Ugandans.

Hope Kid grew up in kayole 1960 (that number is the Matatu number, just in case some of you are wondering if it is referring to when he was born) and made is grand appearance in the Gospel music scene in Feb 2012 and released a video a year afterwards. It was for the song Like A Dream. He says the song was a prophecy of the life he wanted for himself. The song was followed by Holiday in November 2013, which became a smash hit single receiving massive airplay and that song won him the first Groove Award in the category of Reggae/Ragga.

In 2014, he also won an Extreme Award for the song Holiday and a Kedaka Award which celebrates dancers in Kenya and artistes supporting dancers. His future plans include holding another album release probably this year and he continues to say “Many are our plans but God is in charge of the future.”

He got born again in class 8 and told us that his salvation journey has been challenging but is still holding on. To those who haven’t found Christ, Hope Kid said in our interview with him, “Salvation is a personal decision and your time is coming. There is a time for everything.” He concluded our little interview with a message to his fans, “Thanks for supporting me. I am Hope Kid because…….. In fact, you are Hope Kid.”

One more interesting thing, Hope Kid got his name from a St Andrews Church Bishop who found him sharing Jesus’s story to other kids. He is extremely excited to be here in Uganda to perform at Mavuno Retro at Kampala Parents School.


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