Operation Kick Pornorgraphy Out Of Schools & Libraries. 

Operation Kick Pornorgraphy Out Of Uganda Schools (PROTECT THE GENERATION FOUNDATION)

Operation Kick Pornorgraphy Out Of Uganda Schools (PROTECT THE GENERATION FOUNDATION)

Unknown to many parents, guardians and teachers is the fact that many of the ‘innocent’ school-going kids are exposed to pornography. Here are some sobering statistics as shared by Godfrey Kutesa, from PROTECT THE GENERATION foundation. He says, every parent and teacher should carefully consider this: 

71% of primary school kids hide online behavior from their parents

90% of boys and 60% of girls between P.3 & P.7 have been exposed to pornography 83% of boys and 57% of girls have seen group sex in movies they watch from home. 69% of boys and 55% of girls have seen same-sex intercourse online, on local Tv or movies 10 is the average age for viewing pornography.

N.B It should be noted that 90 % kids watch porn or learn bad behavior from home. But in many cases parents pass the blame to the school for not being responsible enough. Yes, sometimes its true. Schools are too busy making our children academic giants but at the same time ignoring what children are exposed to in their Library times.

If those statistics are not worrying, then we are talking to one who is not concerned about the next generation. When we first got in touch with Godfrey Kutesa, he shared his story of porn addiction and was hosted on our weekly Saturday forum #SaturdayTalkUg. To date, his story of overcoming porn and sex addiction remains among the most read.

When you give Godfrey a listening ear, his passion for a generation that would otherwise be lost is evident. It is not a surprise that PROTECT THE GENERATION foundation is on a mission to kick pornorgraphy out of schools and school libraries.

PROTECT THE GENERATION is a non-governmental, not for profit organization under GODFREY K.u.t.e.s.a FOUNDATION, reaching-out to  Pre-Schools, Kindergartens & Primary Schools with the aim of creating awareness about the dangers of Pornography and BAD PICTURES, towards our children in school.

The million dollar question is, why reach out to primary schools and not university or tertiary institutions or at least secondary schools? The response to that is, you cannot climb a tree from the top, start from the lowest level. On top of that, times have drastically changed. Ten years ago, as much as pornorgraphy was already causing lots of damage to youth but mostly those in their teens, there was less access. Now however, with the smartphones made available to school going kids, better access to the internet (which is going to increase even further) as well as a generation of parents who are oblivious of the struggles of this generation, there is already active consumption of pornorgraphy.

PROTECT THE GENERATION intends to carry out extensive school activities which will see parents and teachers trained on how to prepare the children for the battle against pornorgraphy, prevent them from its consumption and protect them from the negative impact of pornorgraphy and early sexual activities.

If this vision and mission resonates with your heart, please consider getting in touch with PROTECT THE GENERATION through the contacts shown on the picture above.

In our interaction with Godfrey Kutesa, he says, you can be a part of this in 3 different ways:

First, you can choose to Volunteer in this programme. This involves moving with us in schools and having time to share with kids your own experience especially about Pornography & Sexualised Media.

Secondly, you can participate by choosing to become our Public Relations. This doesnot take much, in fact,  all you need to do is for you to tell someone about our programmes. Recommend us to the Schools that you know. Talk to parents about us and our programmes.

Most importantly are looking for partnerships with different organizations, national & international. Put in a good word for us if you know any. We cant do this work all alone. In fact I CANT DO IT ALONE. I need more partner organizations regardless of tribe,religion or background. When you invite us we can sit and share with you our plans & proposals

Thirdly & lastly. Its about financial aid. We need you to participate by donating. I am asking you to donate to us so that we can successfully carryout SAFE SCHOOLS SAFE LIBRARIES project.  To be sincere, its an expensive programme and schools don’t pay money for such services. The papers we present would be very important. If we can raise money I want to distribute booklets about PORN DANGERS and a copy of a Videotape to every School, along with key members of the press and Public.  The impact that this material can make , however, is well worth the expense.

Please help us to pay for the printing and distribution of this important piece by giving what you can.

We have 15 School meetings lined up for this season, with many still being added to the calendar for the next academic term. Many of our nations top school leaders and parents want to learn more about the public health crisis or PORNOGRAPHY and how it affects our children in school.

We’ve wanted this opportunity to influence schools and the national press for so long, and now we have the chance, due to the impact of SAFE SCHOOLS SAFE LIBRARIES. In order to capitalise on our momentum it is imperative that we raise the necessary funds in order to act, as soon as possible.

If it is all possible for you to MAKE A DONATION, I assure you I will put it to good used!

Please call Cathy on (0)751.988.740 and schedule a meeting with her to see how you can help in this noble cause. We need your help. Any penny is important.

We here at Ug Gospel Life really believe in the vision of PROTECT THE GENERATION. Do get in touch and be of great help to this cause. Give of your time, connections/networks or contribute financially. We have had the opportunity of being present during two of these school campaigns with Godfrey and the team and the impact was clearly visible. Of course, we would also love to continue in this fight with his team.

The ball is in your court. Let’s do this for the next generation of leaders. Prepare, protect and prevent them from a destructive sexual lifestyle. It begins with us.


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