#MavunoRetro: Mavuno Church Kampala Bringing Pompi, Mag 44 & Hope Kid (KE) For Anniversary. 

Mavuno Church Kampala Goes Retro With Pompi, Mag 44 and Hope Kid In concert.

Mavuno Church Kampala Goes Retro With Pompi, Mag 44 and Hope Kid In concert.

It all Started as a rumor. Of course we kind of expected that since LotaHouse team has been coming to Uganda since their groundbreaking appearance at Power Fm’s Phat Fest 2013,this year would not be different. In 2013, both Pompi and Mag 44 were a great part to the success of the annual event and in 2014, Abel Chungu Musuka was the sole representative with Pompi and Mag 44 only making an appearance that the fans wished was longer. That wish was partially fulfilled at Spark The Passion.

Clearly Uganda doesn’t have enough of Pompi and team and when he posted, quotes, “Uganda I am coming soon and this time I want to have my “Rolex” for breakfast before I leave,” this was followed by excitement. Some informed Pompi of “Ekikomando” a famous dish mix of beans and chapati and Molokony (cow hooves). Of course, we hope no fan carries these in the hope of giving our guest artistes when Mavuno goes retro to celebrate five years of God’s goodness.

Mavuno Church Kampala which has a very alive youth ministry are responsible for The Lock Down events that happen at Gatto Matto, will also bring in a Kenyan artiste who became popular in Uganda for his Holiday hit single. Hope Kid from Kenya will be joined by many Ugandan artists on Sunday the 2nd at Kampala Parents School where Mavuno services happen.

We will be there. We don’t know about you.


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