Newly Appointed UNRA ED, Allen Kagina Shares Story With Youth At Watoto Church

Allen Kagina Speaking At Campus Kara At Watoto Church Downtown.

Allen Kagina Speaking At Campus Kara At Watoto Church Downtown. (Pic Credit: Watoto Media Team) 

It is no doubt that Allen Kagina who is popular for her work in driving corruption out of the Uganda Revenue Authority is one of the most celebrated personalities in Uganda. She just recently changed location and is currently the Executive Director at Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA). Rumor has it that her arrival caused many to start putting their houses in order because she is a principled lady.

During a Watoto Church organized youth service, Campus Kara, which we attended, she said that the picture people paint of a person is normally not what they are. Allen Kagina who said she has a passion for teaching was the main speaker of the day, or rather preacher of the day and used the analogy of the ‘Porter and Clay’ to drive her point home.

The evening started with very vibrant praise and Worship music from Watoto’s youth band, dance, then Allen Kagina was invited to the stage amidst great screams of excitement. She went ahead to reveal that she is currently pursuing a Masters in Organizational Leadership. Her teaching started with a reading from Psalms 139 and said, “God knows each of us better than we know ourselves.”

Multitudes of Youth Gather To Listen To UNRA ED, Allen Kagina at Watoto Church Youth Service. (Pic Credit: Watoto Media Team)

Multitudes of Youth Gather To Listen To UNRA ED, Allen Kagina at Watoto Church Youth Service. (Pic Credit: Watoto Media Team)

The key points from her teaching were;

  • God knows you so well that he did not make a duplicate of you. Here she told of how she often wondered at during university how her life would be. She said they lived in perilous times and surviving throughout the day was a miracle because of the instability in the nation.
  • God did not make a mistake of putting you where you are today. She said this in relation to those who wish they were in better circumstances than they are currently experiencing. She said, “God doesn’t just pick anything (any type of soil) and uses it. He searches for you like a porter does clay… You are special.”
  • The waiting period God takes you through, if you waste it, you will crash. She said many want to run away from the fire or the processes (life experiences) that God takes them through. She said, Like the porter, we should let God’s hand mould you into that which he wants you to be.
  • It is the size of the hurt (while in the moulding stage) that will determine how much weight you can carry.
  • Don’t run away from the fire. It is strengthening you and beautifying you.
  • When God works on and in you, He will place you in a place where He can boast about you.
  • I will not willingly compromise the blood of Jesus Christ so that I can be comfortable.
  • When in a difficult place, sin is never an alternative.

Of course the evening did not end without a QnA session where, she shared that she met her husband around the time of her University days but did not get married until many years afterwards. She told the youth who were listening intently that what won her over was her husband’s humorous nature.

She said that the youth should not be deceived into thinking that there will be no temptation to compromise. She said that her first salary was only 20,000 shillings and she survived on that and even when she was going through a trying financial time when she gave birth to her first child, she trusted that God would provide and God has been faithful to her.

We were there and brought you all the live updates on our Twitter. It was a great night that ended with Watoto Church Downtown pastor, Julius Rwotlonyo saying a prayer for God to use her mightily at Uganda National Roads Authority.


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