For The Love Of Rhythm And Poetry: Tyro Presents – Rap. 

For The Love Of Rhythm And Poetry: Tyro Presents - Rap. 

For The Love Of Rhythm And Poetry: Tyro Presents – Rap.

First time I heard this song, I thought, “Finally our Hip Hop and Rap family on @UgGospelLife have something we are proud of.” If you don’t love rap music, we understand and it is also okay. If however you love rap music and those dope beats, then, this is certainly for you.

Tyro hails from Zambia. The song is titled RAP (Rhythm And Poetry). This one is good music. It has already played it over and over. Decorated with heavy hitting punch lines, this brother’s lyrics will get you excited. The beats are by Producer Stone and it will get you bouncing. We hope you don’t miss the passion, heart and struggle laid in this song. He asks questions about where rap started and how everyone is always trying to compare rappers with the best from the West. If anyone doubted the impact, influence and potential of rap music, this is the song they need. You could even call this song “Letter From Christian Rapper To The World.” He has something for the naysayers and the enemies too, “this here aint for children, boy we tryna make a killing.”

News reaching us is that this song is only one among many feature in his yet to be released Mixtape, UnEarthed. Of course we cannot wait for this particular project to be released. His earlier works include songs like “Redemption,” “Have it all,””Follow Follow,” and the song “Amazing.” Tyro gave his life to Christ on 11th March of 2012 and in a brief communication with us he said,

” If we can save the youth we can save the future generation and i do so by evangelizing on social media, face to face sharing but mostly by being an example of true relevance in society. Lastly my music touches on topics that most artists dare not to go and the real issues we face in everyday christian life that most people are afraid of admitting and talking about,as such its a little provocative but decent and maintains moral standards as well.”

Download File Here.


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