[Featured] Milele – Holy Keane Amooti ft Ndocha Mbote Music Video

There is no doubt that Milele a song Holy Keane Amooti did with Mbote from Kenya is among his many hit songs. For one reason or the other however, the song did not have a music video. During the time Robinsan had his concert at Watoto Church for Power Fm Presents, Holy Keane stepped onto the stage with Mbote. He had made an appearance at Jennifer Mirembe’s Look Look concert earlier, so, we knew something was up their sleeves. In fact, he revealed that the two will be working on a new single. We can’t wait for it. 

Let’s tell you what you will see in this video in case you haven’t yet clicked the play button.

The music video directed by Zyga Phix is has each artiste coming in on their parts in the song and a lot of dancing. Giving the fact that this is a celebratory song, they opted for no storyline and focused on the dances. Most the video is shot at night with no day shots and the play around and with fire was a good addition. It was a well done video. Those are our few thought. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.


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