Sandra Suubi Hints On Album in Interview With Us After Trace Competition.

Watoto Church Singer Sandra Suubi During Airtel Trace Music Star competition.

Watoto Church Singer Sandra Suubi During Airtel Trace Music Star competition.

Sandra Suubi, you already shared with us how you made it to the Airtel Trace Stars Music competition. We wanted to get a hold of you after your Victory in Uganda but it was a busy season for you. First tell us how you felt in that moment when it was announced that you had won. 

I was soooooooo happy, extremely grateful to God  and humbled.  It was, still is and will always be one of the most beautiful moments in my life. I think for a moment, my mind went blank and I was overwhelmed. My!!! that was a special moment right there. I still remember it, AND THE WINNER IS SANDRA SUUBI.

Singing with Xabu means you have always been a performer. Were there any low moments in the Ugandan edition of the competition or was it a sail through? 

Yes they were there, especially the evictions. I saw young, very talented people leave that stage. We had grown so much together that it hurt when they left.

The finale was yet another really difficult moment. I was so tired, and had a lot going through my mind about how this would go. I remember my sister Dorothy spoke to me and prayed for me. That was a tough day but the Lord brought us through it victorious.

Since we hadn’t got the chance to ask, we will now ask. How did it feel to be competiting with former group mate, Brenda and all the other contestants in Uganda? 

I will answer that with one of our special moments in the competition. It was at the finale, and we were backstage right before we came back on stage for the final results announcement. We looked at each other and reminded ourselves of our journey to that moment in time, asking ourselves, who knew we would be there, at the finale together. We even wished Tonya was with us. It was a very emotional moment. We looked at each other teary, realizing just how much we owed this very moment to our musical journeys. We hugged and Brenda said, “Lets do this.”

Fast forward. You win and then go to Nairobi. Tell us how the whole competition in Nairobi was.

Now where does one start? I arrived in Nairobi in the evening at about 5pm. On arrival I met the awesome boys. It happened that I arrived at the same time with the three gentlemen, Sam, Bernard, Mayunga and the team from Trace. Webi was at the venue already since he was at home. We started talking and it was amazing. It’s like we had already met online through all our videos and singing clips. We travelled from Nairobi to Naivasha that evening to the amazing Enashipai Resort and Spa, being the pan African grand finale venue, I must say however, throughout our stay, it felt like we were all winners. We were treated like kings and queens. It is such a beautiful place.

We stayed up till late that night. But guess who had to meet our amazing music coach at 7 am the next day, the one and only me.

I was coached by the amazing ATEMI. We went through my songs. We all had different practice time slots with the coaches throughout the day.

We practiced individual songs in the mornings, then the group songs with the amazing coach KIKU were practiced in the evenings. These practices got intense. We ate, drank, walked, and thought about nothing but music.  We had an amazing time during dinner because we would share about ourselves. This got particularly interesting because of the French speaking contestants. It was so cute attempting to speak French and learning about their countries and the music industry there. It was even better because we got to learn more about each other.  The coaches and the TRACE team were great because we learnt a lot from each other.

We had a feel of the stage two days before the show. This was amazing. We sort of got a chance to kill all jitters and get used to the stage early enough. On top of all that, our hair, makeup and styling were already in progress. From the second day on arrival we knew what we would be wearing thanks to our designer Annabel Onyango, an outstanding team from Kenya called Uturi that did our hair and the amazing team from Trace.

We ran through the show twice before the actual day and once on the actual day. I loved the organization. On the final day, like all competitions, we were nervous but hopeful. I mean God had brought us this far and he was not going to leave us. As Ugandans, we love to take first place and do not settle for less. The show was nerve wrecking as it was awesome and fun. Every contestant was very talented and brought their A-game. Akon and the judges gave us very good and priceless advice. Yes, I was disappointed that I didn’t win but I really was grateful for the opportunity and happy for the winner. He is very talented and has a big heart. He kept it in East Africa. We are going places. Both my parents and a cousin, Janet were there to support me. They came all the way from here (Uganda).

We returned home the following day to our amazing Uganda, to family and friends.  We were not allowed to talk about the show till it aired later on. That was a tough one though. It was an awesome and priceless experience.

Sandra Suubi Hints of An Album in Interview After Trace Music Star competition.

Sandra Suubi Hints of An Album in Interview After Trace Music Star competition.

Now that the competition is done, what message do you have for your loyal fans (#SuubiGeneration) who have been there for you all the way? 

I want to say three things to the suubi generation

1. I want to say a humongous thank you, I love you and I would not have gotten where I am if it had not been for you. God richly bless you.

2. I also want to tell them to be very expectant because that was just the beginning, a stepping stone to greater things. I still need your support

3. Thirdly 2nd peter 2: 9-10

What next? It feels like the world is watching and waiting for Sandra Suubi. Any revelation for our readers ? 

I am working on an albulm as we speak, literally. And I can not wait for you to hear and see some of the awesome projects I have been working on.

Given a chance, would you do it all over again? And why? 

If I had not done it before when that chance was given, yes, because I have had the opportunity of a lifetime and it has changed my life. It’s only from glory to glory from hear on.

What did you learn from the whole competition?

Put God first and pray always

To work hard on the preparation because when the time comes it shows.

That no man is an island, you will always need a team. We can not go anywhere if we do not support each other.

That Africa’s greatest resource are the young people who are extreamely talented and unstopable. A generation of suubi

I learnt that there is Uganda, there is Africa and there is the world. You have to work very hard consistently, and be the best you. To stand out, vision is key.

We can’t help but wonder. What kind of music and which artistes does Sandra Suubi listen to all the time?

WOW  so many










ABEL CHUNGU POMPI………………………. to mention but a few, the list is so long.

Thank you  for all the support


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