With Love From Zambia – Interview With Massin

Meet Massin (@ThatBoyMassin on Twitter) in an Interview with us after releasing song with Mr Sobre.

Meet Massin (@ThatBoyMassin on Twitter) in an Interview with us after releasing song with Mr Sobre.

Our first encounter with Zambian RnB/Rap/Afropop singer Massin was in the video for the song deeper. Check it at the end of this post. He just recently released a song featuring Mr Sobre another Zambian artiste who you all love. We have also put a link to the song for you to listen and download at end of this post.

He says, from 2004 to 2008 he continued gratifying his flesh but his complete transformation happened in 2009. We had a few questions for him and this is how it went.

We’re excited to finally have a few moments with you. It has been a long time coming. One of us here thought you are Ghanaian. How is Zambia? 

My pleasure. I can’t believe this ( hey! Hahahahaha no! your boy is Zambian, I guess the music brought such thoughts. Zambia is good. I believe Uganda is good and blessed too.

Uganda is great. And what genre should a person place you. RnB, Hip-hop or Afropop/beat? 

RnB And Afro pop. These define my music…. worship too. Not much in the hip hop genre, only when I team up doing cyphers of which that still does not  change my style. I love African drums! Really drives me to doing songs for Africans and not my country alone.

With the presence of Internet and very many platforms including blogs like ours and websites, there is a lot of possibilities. How would you advise an artiste to approach these media? 

Well  from my experience, the mentioned above have really helped and still helping  me share my faith, my life issues, my joy etc with the world. I would say, my music has featured in different mixtape like “Awesome Baba’’ Nigeria under ‘’ M8MusicManagment. And Straight Heat Ministry hosted my “DJ rock Jesus’’ from America.

Therefore Artists reading  this please make use of your social media and other media not just for interaction/ seeing whats trending. Make such to be avenues where  you can post your stuff. I know when you are starting it’s sort of ‘Crazy.’ Folks be looking at you, and be like look he going nuts. Very few download your stuff but trust me in the end it puts food on plate, and easily give you die-hard fans. And even management can spot you from such. Utilize your time even 10 minutes posting  changes things.

Out of curiosity. How did you get to know UgGospelLife?

Hahahahaha well I believe the previous question can help me with a good feedback to this question. I remember I had a day of just following different promoters, DJs, etc. So I bumped into Uganda Gospel Life’s Twitter handle @UgGospelLife. I liked your way of sharing the gospel and what was shocking is I started seeing posts of content from my spiritual brothers  Pompi, Abel Chungu. So I was like, I believe we are family. So excited now!!!!!!!!

One thing that wasn’t easy is knowing how to interact  but I thank God for his grace that we have a number of stories to share together.

Okay that aside. What are some of the challenges that young people face in your community and/country? 

The challenge I have faced is, a number those I have managed to share word with do not accept what they discover because of being young. Hence they do stuff which is unpleasant and end up doing what can’t build their spiritual life.

Personally, there was also a challenge for elders in my church to accept my music.

What are some of the challenges that you have faced as a musician and how did you overcome them? 

I almost gave up. You know the life whereby people say your work (music) is good but no one is showing up to manage you, studio expenses etc. But I thank God for his wonder-working power. My story changed when he brought the right people I needed just on my door step. I have no manager  but I’ve a studio that helps in management of the music we are making now. The scriptures tell me that God has got thousand ways which he can use to provide for us, so, I don’t doubt (because we ain’t failing, he running things even without a manager.) My prayer is to have one

How did your family respond when you told them you were getting into studio to start recording music?

Hmmm it wasn’t easy! Like my dad would come in my room, find me rapping and turn like “baby stop that!”. Mahn I used to hate it, but I believed it was because of his age. Now that I’ve changed the type of music from rap to RnB and Afropop, it’s all good. I put a smile on my mum’s face. Whenever she watches my Tv performance, she hugs me. (It gives me joy.)

But in everyone’s life I believe there’s something special that you wouldn’t even want your folks to grant you permission of doing. So peoples’s approval ….. Nah…… that is not one of the factors that keeps me moving but what the life-giver says.

What has been your most encouraging words (whether from the Bible or Spiritual leader)? 

What Jeremiah 1:5 and 29:11 says. It keeps me moving and believe we children of the most high will never perish. We got a rich good God

If you were to choose between skill (training) or gifting in the success of an artiste, what would you choose?

Any final words to our readers?

Much love for you all. Always put your faith in Christ and live a life of Prayer. Your boy @ThatBoyMassin #Zambia loves you!

As we sign off.Check out the song, Compare which features Mr Sobre and let us know what you think of it.


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