God’s Hand Through Strangers: Jennifer Mirembe’s Full Life Story.

Jennifer Mirembe, Ugandan Gospel Singer To Hold A Concert On May 30th At Theatre Labonita.

Jennifer Mirembe, Ugandan Gospel Singer To Hold A Concert On May 30th At Theatre Labonita.

We met with Jennifer Mirembe a Ugandan Gospel Singer who has toured and ministered in numerous countries within and outside Africa for a brief interview. The most interesting thing about being your writer is that we get to hear a lot of different stories. All are unique. You will find that this is a really inspiring one.

We settled down at her home and exchanged pleasantries. Then we had a little chat. Why we call it a little chat is because, prior to the interview, we resolved to be able to tell our readers her testimony. Of course, we want you to know  that she has a concert on May 30th 2015. This concert is only one among many. She revealed that this is going to be a busy season in her life with many other concerts in Nigeria, The US and The UK. She has a vision to build a worship centre and auditorium. That, you must keep at the back of your mind. We will keep you updated.

Jennifer Mirembe who considers herself very laid back was born to the late Prossy Namatovu and the late David Kazibira. Jennifer lost both her parents when she was at a tender age of fourteen years old and was rejected by her paternal family that hailed from the Tororo District. She moved to Kampala and faced similar situations that led her to seeking shelter at a Kampala City Church, Grace Church Ntinda.

For one who speaks of searching for what to eat, then surviving on mangoes from the forests in Soroti, to telling her story of God’s helping hand many years after, we had to pay extra attention. Her turning point came while she was a singer and minister at Grace Church Ntinda. Together with a few of the members of the worship team, Jennifer Mirembe was selected to go and perform/minister in a conference in the UK. This happened twice and on the second time she stayed back to both minister and work in the UK.

While recalling her story, Jennifer Mirembe speaks of God’s goodness to her. In fact, it was while she was in the UK that a complete stranger became her foster guardian and she gained stability, got married to a Ugandan and now has two adorable children. She has two music albums to her name, AFAAYO and GOOD TO ME. A lot of the songs are written as a testimony of what God has done in her life and the numerous experiences. She has a DVD album entitled, Look Look which features songs from her previous albums and some new ones. The songs on the DVD include; My Hope, Pillar, Lift Him Higher, That Is Why I Sing, Good To Me, Look Look and Ekittiibwa. Music to praise God is what you will find in this DVD and we hope you can get yourself a copy of the CDs too.

While sharing this story, we come down to her May 30th concert at Theatre Labonita. She speaks with a lot of enthusiasm and promises a surprise from her daughter. She will be accompanied by Magic Hones as her band and Joy Tendo, Levixone, Jackie Senyonjo, among other Ugandan singers. It was a complete honor speaking to Jennifer Mirembe.

Follow Her:

Twitter @JenniferMirembe

Facebook: Jennifer Mirembe

Instagram: @JenniferMirembe

And her website.

While you prepare 20,000 shillings for the concert which also guarantees you a free DVD album, we have added her music videos here for you to watch. Tickets are available at Theatre Labonita.

1. My Hope

2. Look Look

3. Ekittiibwa


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