“The System Didn’t Plan For This.” Ernest Rush in Exclusive Interview.

New Hip Hop/Rap Artist Ernest Rush Ready Set For #strtTrlblMixtape Mixtape Launch.

New Hip Hop/Rap Artist Ernest Rush Ready Set For #strtTrlblMixtape Mixtape Launch.

Borrowing from his own words, “The System Didn’t Plan For This,” and neither did we. He released a mixtape with the title, StrtTrbl (Straight Terible). He talks about it in this interview and tells us how the Mixtape Release Concet came about. This is how our it went down.

Mr. Ernest Rush, why did you call yourself Ernest Rush? What’s the Rush all about? 

Maaayne! These hard questions hehe! Anyway…. I call myself Ernest Rush because Ernest is my real name. I want to be real…… and Rush is my inspirational actors name August Rush in the movie August Rush.

It was a switch swatch ting dis. Hehe! So yeah thats it. Crazy I know.

That’s crazy for real! Next: Is it correct if we call you Artist? And who is Ernest Rush the person? 

Yeah call me an artist. Definitely I am one. Ernest Rush haaa…… all I know is, he is not the mean guy you see in some of the pictures. He is a good guy who loves God and loves smiling btw, and I dont love partying, yeah! I had to say it. I prefer staying home, either doing something concerned with music, or programming, oh yeah! I am a programmer. Weird ha-ha!!!!

So basically those are the two things I love doing in my life, music and coding. And um am not a geek hehe!

That’s for us to tell if you are a Geek or not. Right? Okay. You are one who we would like to call a New Artist. When did you realize you wanted to be a recording artist? 

Thanks, for calling me new artist.

I realized that I wanted to be one long long time ago. I dont know if form 2 is a long time ago, but sounds like it. So yeah I wrote my first song in form 2. The biggest hit we had in high school was a song called Maisha (Kiswahili word meaning life). I did it with my homie Rukidi Ronald and almost everyone loved it. So yeah it all started in high school.

I like that you said ALMOST EVERYONE liked it. Now, this is a question we want to ask everyone we interview. When was your turning point or you were born saved, sanctified and baptized? (lol) 

I am up for it. My turning point…… unfortunately I dont have one. Yeah! Well I wasnt born saved, but neither was I messed up like, drugs, abusive and nasty whaaat! Nada I was a good boy! At some point feels like I was born smiling! Oh yeah! And I was baptized. But the day I got saved umm you know when youre a kid, you can hardly tell coz I remember the day they called us to get saved I went up in front and the mic was too heavy I hated it. Then, I repeated the words of the pastor said. That was around Primary 4. I wasnt sure. But the day I felt it and comprehended it was primary 7. I did it alone. I told God in my heart I accept you as my personal saviour thanks to my brother Isaac who would always tell me amazing things from the bible. Grace.

Ernest Rush Mixtape Launch At Gospel Lounge Night.

Ernest Rush Mixtape Launch At Gospel Lounge Night.

You let out a Mixtape some time back. Tell us about the processes leading to the creation of that project. 

The mixtape I would say the system didnt plan for it. You remember the song called The Truth featuring Sonny? Yeah! I didnt do well on it, I admit. It was supposed to be on my album. I decided man, “Why dont I first chill the album and do a mixtape and learn as I grow on since it requires fewer resources too.” So, I told my producer to hold up the album and we work on a mixtape first. WordXclusive from The Fame Entertainment who is my Producer was cool with it. So thats how the mixtape came about and trust me I have learnt a lot. I have received the relevant feedback, and now the upcoming album is gonna be crazier. I once told someone. I dont wanna win the game, I wanna change the game (Not a Threat hehe!)

If you had to tell us five qualities of a good song/Artiste, what would that be? 

Five, guess I should Google that, where is my kabiriti? Just kidding.

Anyway in my own thinking this is it;

1. Good music of course like beats and rhymes

2. Great message and meaning of your music

3. Appearance

4. Interaction with the real world

5. Save the last for the best, whether you are a secular artist or not, man! you have to be God fearing by not making your own bible or calling yourself God.

Which Ugandan Artists do you listen to the most? 

Oh Mayne! EVM, Elevator Music Group come first, but wherever they disappeared to, only God knows! I love those boys, they are good. Then Ruyonga definitely. He’s got the flow! Gotta learn from a homeboy to become a homeboy and Sonny Soweez! Yeah shes got the international vibe too.

Who are the international Artistes you listen to the most? 

International is like a really huge forest man! There are a lot, the whole of 116, RPSMG, Lamp Mode, Social Club, Hillsong, Capital Kings. I love House music like big time. And the list goes on and on like a proton.

Were you baptized by immersion?

Yes, I was.


In order to fully accept that I died and rose again with Christ. I had to show it. Jesus did.

Okay. You have a concert! Tell us about it.

Mayne, turn up, turn up!

Its the deal; its on on the 22nd of May this year, at Lugogo Baptist church between Kati Kati and Oryx gas station. The gospel lounge is unplugging Ernest Rush. It is the very first time they are unplugging an artist. I am the pioneer, so basically the gospel lounge gives platform for young upcoming artists to showcase their talent and step on stage with some of the greatest in Christian music. For instance I and some other young artists will be onstage with Ruyonga, he is great right? Yeah so basically supporting the gospel young talent, talk of spoken word, free styling, dancing, beat boxing which will all be happening on that day.

There will be artists like Wake, SonnySoweez, WordXclusive, Brian wade, Ruyonga, Race T, live band, and Dj S-kam Zac will also be there burning the discs as well.

Its free Entry and my mixtape CDs will be sold at Five thousand each.

Did you know at the beginning of the year that you would have a concert?

System didnt plan for it. I had no idea, and I wasnt planning on a concert for the mixtape, I was thinking about a concert for my upcoming album. And then there comes the Gospel Lounge manager offering to unplug me, why would anyone turn down such an offer.

We were told that you will be letting out a new single during that day. Talk to us about it. We’re sure our readers would love to know about it.

Yes The Dying To Live album is under construction and most of the songs are good to go, therefore its about time I shake things up with something new. I will release the Dying To Live single on 22nd May the same date of the show, therefore I will perform the song and whoever will be there will be the first to listen to it. The song is also titled Dying to Live, carrying the album flag and on it I feature a young talented lady called Pelindah. Originally composed, created, voiced, mixed and mastered at the FameEnt by the big man himself, WordXclusive.

We still have many questions to ask, but, we will save them for the next time. Any final remarks.

Thank you so much for this interview. I personally have had fun with it. It means a lot to me btw. God bless.

And to everybody out there reading this and those not reading this, I just wanna say thank you for any kind of support offered to me. Hope you turn up for the concert on 22nd may.

Follow on Twitter @ErnestXRush.

Official hash tag is #StrtTrblMixtape.

Facebook at Ernest Rush

Sound Cloud – Ernest Rush.


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