MC Yallah Talks FEMCEE Cypher and says she started singing at same time with Chameleon.

One of Uganda's Longest Standing Female Rappers, MC Yalla (Pic Source :

One of Uganda’s Longest Standing Female Rappers, MC Yallah (Pic Source :

Well. Well. Well. We attended an event with MC Yallah as one of the performing artistes. In the midst of loud music playing in the background, we couldn’t help but steal a few minutes of her time to talk about her recent feature in the Female MC Cypher, FEMCEE. We have only just got time to share it. You will love it.

We’ve listened to your music and think it should be really out there? Tell us about the music.

My music is playing on Radio. Power Fm, Spirit Fm, Alpha Fm and these other secular radio stations like Hot 100, Radio city. Yeah, as you’ve said, they have airplay but….. Well, last year (2014) around December, I got a job and it has been keeping me busy. Actually, I released a song that many people know….. Uhhhhmmm….. It is called Zuba Zuba….. Imagine I haven’t really taken it to Radio stations because my fans were like, “MC Yallah, please take that song to radio.” But I hadn’t done that because of a busy work schedule.

I was listening to a certain radio station, and then I was very pleased to find out that the” Femcee Cypher” features MC Yallah. First of all, how did you become a part of the FEMCEE cypher? 

Okay. The thing is this! Many of these young girls who are Rapping……. actually, we call them ‘Newschool.’ So, I am like old-school…… They look up to me as one of the first female rappers in Uganda. Before I even got born again. I am among the first female rappers in Uganda.

Uhuh. Tell us more! 

I have been doing this for over 12 years. I started singing with the Chameleons, Bobi Wine, in the same place.

What happened? 

I thank God that at the verge of getting there, that’s when God decided to save me. I think it is all for a reason. But all these young rappers, The Kekos, they know and respect MC Yallah and Lady Slyke. I believe your must know her.

Yes I do. 

I work with her on News Beat on NTV. Yeah! So we are among the first lady rappers in Uganda. This idea was Fasie’s idea and I am the first person she contacted. She told me, “Yallah, we need you on this track.” Actually, at first  I was not feeling it. I never wanted but she kept on asking. I said to myself, “It is because of respect, let me do this. They have respected me, let me go on this track.”

And, honest opinion, you murdered the beat. I was listening and literally screaming because of excitement. Could you explain to us your verse in the song. What were you trying to say? 

The song is about self-esteem and what we believe about ourselves. Like my verse, I was telling those who think because I am silent I am down in the game, “some Dancehall Artist said, MC Yallah, baafa netubazika (Luganda to mean, MC Yallah, died and was buried) musically. They were trying to puy me down. Saying I am not in the game anymore. I came out in this song and I was speaking about myself (encouraging myself too), that i am still in the game.

Awesome! So, what are your latest videos.

That would be Reebo Mwana

And the previous one? 

Ndeete. Yes.

Are both those videos on YouTube? 

Yes. Both are on YouTube. As,  you may know, Ndeete came out before Reebo Mwana.

Yes.  I do know. I am one of those who must know what artistes are up to. So what are you looking at for this year? 

I am looking at working on new songs and pushing Zuba Zuba. I hope to get it enough airplay and before the year ends, I hope to shoot a video for Zuba Zuba. As per now. That should be it. Of course I have plans for a concerts, shows. But I  need time to put these things together.

Thanks. A lot for your time. Thanks. 


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