[Currently Trending] Solome – Her Story As A Child, Songwriter, and Album.

Solome Will Be Live In Concert At Gold Course Hotel May 1st.

Solome Will Be Live In Concert At Gold Course Hotel May 1st.

So, we have been thinking about what to feature on our currently Trending segment. We looked around, watched Tv, listened to radio, checked our Twitter and realised that Solome, her Nz’ani song, and upcoming concert on the 1st of May have been trending. It has been trending so much so that we did an ealier blog post and now as her concert day draws near we feature her on currently trending. This is one of those interviews among the so many, (and we have to stop saying) that we like so much and believe you will enjoy reading. Check it out below.

Qn: Tell us about Solome the girl below 10 years old. 

Solome was mummyz girl, wherever mummy went Solome was tagging along. Solome played loads of games: Kwepena, Sinadosiyesu, Aminatala and she was always found on the playground after school and daddy had to come all the way to the field to find solome, and a few canes were administered, hehehe!!

Solome made wedding plans in P1 with her boyfriend then, they had a matron and flower girls the whole shebang, in short solome was a dreamer, playful, fun fun fun little girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

Qn: Did that Solome see herself on radio, Tv and holding a maiden concert? 

Ha!! That Solome was just being a child and enjoying the moment paka last, she didnt have it in mind whatsoever, she was living in the moment and not looking as far as Radio, TV or even a concert.

Qn: What things in your life and background have helped shape you to the artiste you are? 

My journey with God is the foundation of the Artiste that I am now, He has shown me and taken me on an adventure of LOVE and this has fueled what I sing about and who I am now.

The way I grew up; I grew in a very well structured home and a very loving and christian home and this has shaped me into who I am now, you could say it has shaped my character.

The friends I have, have greatly shaped me, I confess if I didnt have the friends I have I believe I would not be who I am. My friends have not allowed me to settle in life, they have encouraged and sharpened me in so many ways.

Experiences have shaped me for sho!!, good and not so good ones have influenced how I see life and what I sing about.

Solome Sings Her Heart Out.

Solome Sings Her Heart Out.

Qn: What’s a normal day in the life of Solome like? 


Well let me try to lay it out:  Solome on a normal working day wakes up as early as she can, rushes to work, after work she is Singing at events, in rehearsals, leading worship, over the weekend she is in rehearsals and if she is to rest she is watching a movie at the cinema or at home while eating cake. She loves to hang out with friends and just Kabozikate. Solome likes to sneak in travelling when she can.

Qn: Does Solome have any hobbies? Wrong question, what are your hobbies? 

Well watching movies especially series in the comfort of her home

She likes to travel, the thought of meeting new people and seeing new places is exciting.

She loves to hang out with friends, even though its just a coffee or ice cream.

This may not be a hobby but she likes to try out new adventures like Sky diving or Bungy jumping (which she did).

Qn: If your voice were to be an instrument, which one would it be and why? 

Ok just to correct you the VOICE in itself is an Instrument that has muscles and vocal chords that have to be played a certain way to create different sounds. To answer your question I love the Keyboard/ Piano because I like the way it sounds heavenly and especially when its played with soul and feeling it can take you to places, it can paint a picture, it can speak to you.

Qn: You have an album that everyone who gets a ticket to your concert will receive, tell us about it. What’s the major theme and how did you put the songs together? 

The album is a 10 track album and the major theme is LOVE, most of the songs are stories about a LOVE that is soooo deep, these songs paint a picture of my journey of love with God and how He makes me feel and how HE feels about me. You could say its a picture of Me and the Lover of my soul.

I never even thought I would write a song let alone 10 songs, so this is my first attempt, each song came at different points of my life, some songs paint an aspect of an experience I have had before, others came from what I saw around me. In short the core of this album is LOVE.

Qn: We have read of how you took the bold step outside your comfort zone, why do you think many Vocalists prefer the backseat (This is not to say singing backup or singing only within the Church walls is bad) 

Well we all have different comfort zones, someones comfort zone may be being on a church choir, someone else it may be being a backup, another it may be playing an instrument, but I believe being in a comfort zone is safe, you are used to the way things are done, at some point you may even be the best in that area and you become comfortable, so sometimes when time reaches for you to leave the backseat, we struggle because it means WE HAVE TO CHANGE and usually with change comes growth and sometimes growth is uncomfortable.

Another reason why vocalists or anyone prefers the backseat is Fear, fear of the unknown, fear of failing, fear of not being appreciated, fear of not meeting the standard(whichever standard is set).

Qn: What if? Just what if we wanted to find out about your relationship status. Single/Married. (Note: Asking for our dear readers and followers lol) 


Well I am Single and that is a miracle in itself ( and thats a story for another day                  )

Solome (pictured above) is set to have a concert on May 1st.

Solome (pictured above) is set to have a concert on May 1st.

Qn: Now the concert is here! We can’t wait! Tell us how you are feeling about it? 

Have you ever heard the saying butteflies in your stomach well for me its like Kalolies in my stomach, kyo kyo kyo!!!), when I started on this journey I didnt think it would be this BIG!!! So right now I try to take one day at a time, I have decided not to be anxious but be at PEACE and I know God has gat this more than me, so riyale I gats to just relax and trust.

I am of course excited about the day and very very very expectant of whats going to happen (doing a happy dance now)

Qn: What should we expect during the concert? 

Well well well well, An experience of a life time; Fun, Fun, Dancing, Great musical experience, Great LOVE experience, Laughter.

Anyone that comes will never ever be the same again.

Qn: Final remarks please? 

In this journey of life what really matters is to know that you are LOVED unconditionally with no expectations, my desire is to see each one of us receive such a great LOVE and in turn love on each other.

Qn: Wait, where do we get our tickets now? 

Sound cup at Garden City

Bank of Uganda Kampala


Worship Harvest offices at Lugogo by pass right after Salvation army.

Or Call 0701928050 or 0783236251 for deliveries

Qn: (Pretend this is a Tv show). Please look into the cameras and send a message to your fans. 

Heheheheheh this is sooo funny

Hi my amazing fans thank you for your great support, thank you for listening to my music and sharing it and tweeting and sending feedback, thank you. I hope that you will continue to receive His great LOVE and to love on each other because LOVE is the answer.


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