Ugandan Lugaflow Rapper Lyll Mykk In New Music Video – “Love Is Enough” ft AJ Dean

Uganda's Love Is Enough Hip Hop Artiste Lyll Mykk Graced.

Uganda’s Love Is Enough Hip Hop Artiste Lyll Mykk.

Curiosity killed the cat, goes the saying. Love is Enough Music video rides on that. The first scene involves Lyll Mykk whose more popular song is Ekisa Wekili stealing from one who is later portrayed as a jobless man. Lyll Mykk, takes the phone away from this man and speeds off.

You will wonder how that scene is relevant to the song message until much later on when he tries to get some money for this phone from a lady (AJ Dean). As it is, the lady knew the phone owner and ends up giving Lyll Mykk a cross. Love is Enough. He is moved to reevaluate his life.

This is not to say that the video is purely a short film. In fact, the largest part of the video is shot from a classroom with a blackboard in the background. The scene would have been monotonous but, the Music producer introduces dancers to spice up the video before bringing it to an end.

We think this is a very wonderful music video. That’s our thoughts. What do you have to say. Watch Ugandan Rapper Lyll Mykk and AJ Dean in this video below and give is your feedback in the comments section. Thanks.


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