Robinsan: How I Saw Him Grow To Being Dancehall Artist Of The Year.

Robinsan In New Hit Single Simple Life.

Robinsan in New Hit Single, Simple Life.

With every musician, there is a time in their career when all of a sudden everyone wonders, “How did we miss this artiste in our music search for airplay or promotion.” If you have listened to Uganda’s Dancehall and reggae artiste who may on occasion border the popular Afrobeat styles, you will know from his story and songs that the journey has been a long and bumpy one. You will also see that his journey has brought him to a place that calls for respect. 

The First time I encountered Robinsan was in an event called WOUTLET that used to take place in Calvary Chapel. It was almost the same time I encountered Kingsley and Phila. Kingsley and Phila were the artistes that made reggae music a genre to respect. Kingsley brought his vocal prowess to the table, while Phila brought the undeniably beautiful patois wordplay. During those events, Robinsan was “the other artist.”

It was however impressive that Robinsan who I have referred to as, “the other artiste,” already had a fully recorded album entitled “Mama.” It was an album that he launched and released in one of those events and had many of the Calvary Chapel family and a few of us who were great Gospel music enthusiasts attend and show love. Oh how I prayed that these artistes, Kingsley and Phila and Robinsan would get the much needed radio airplay.

It was not long after that slowly but sure, Christian Radio recognized nd started play music from Kingsley and Phila first and then Robinsan followed after a while with songs like “Night And Day” and “Newunya” paving way for this very talented artist. Over time, wht we have seen is that Robinsan is an artiste who has a deep desire to minister and share his testimony.

Some of his more successful songs include Forward, which he sung together with Gospel Music veteran, Crystal Fabulous, Insurance, Embeera, Nze Nawe with Coopy bly and the hotand new Simple Life which we know for  certain is not only a hit single but one tha has all the ingredients to minister to the listeners.

Last year, which could be one of his most successful so far, involved a concert dubbed, Forward, a VIGA Gospel Music Award for best Dancehall and reggae ariste, and a maiden appearance on the PhatFest 2015 stage with international artistes including, Da T.R.U.T.H, peots Ezekiel Azwonu, Janette and artists from Africa as well as Uganda.

This is another year, he has already released a big hit single, signed onto Bantu Pro and is shooting many videos and we are almost certain another concert is on the way in the later half of tge year. The sky is not even the limit. We wish him yhe very best.


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