Find Out Which Gospel Artistes Are Nominated For The Buzz Teeniez Awards.


The now Annual Buzz Teeniez Awards are back and we bring you the Gospel category nominations. Before that, we weigh in on this list. Because of its name and nature, the awards seek to recognize the artists who are popular among the teenagers and youths. What this means is, the artistes placed here should be those who appeal the most to the youths.

The Teeniez Gospel Artiste category has Pastor Wilson Bugembe, Exodus, Ruyonga, and Judith Babirye as nominees. We seek your opinions on this in relation to our prior comment.

The category that surprised us a bit more was the Teeniez Gospel Song category. Here you will forgive us seeing as we do not believe this is a good representation of the music that is topping the Christian charts. It also appears that some of the songs on that list are rather old. Again, your views on this are welcome in our comments section.

Otherwise, on a great note, it is exciting to see Ugandan Rapper (who many keep asking whether he is a Christian Rapper or a Rapper that’s Christian) nominated for the Teeniez Top Hood Rapper. Voting details should be coming in soon. You can check out the full list of nominees here.


1. Pastor Wilson Bugembe

2. Exodus

3. Ruyonga

4. Judith Babirye


1. List Yamukama

2. Sabisanira

3. Eddaala

4. Prophecy/This year


1. Navio

2. Big Trill

3. Ruyonga

4. Gravity


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