Meet New Singing Sensation Solome Who We Have Been Following Closely.

Solome (pictured above) is set to have a concert on May 1st.

Solome (pictured above) is set to have a concert on May 1st.

To many Solome Basuuta or simply, Solome is new and news to some people’s ears. This very vocally gifted artiste is however not new to her Worship Harvest family where she is a worship leader. Last year, we got introduced to a new artiste in the person of Kimera who came out with Gwe Wange, a love song dedicated to his wife. He is about to release another new one. But, in the same way, another ‘church’ singer has stepped out of this comfort zone. Speaking to NTV GXP’s show host Carol Flower, Solome reveals that she has been given the blessing from her pastor Moses Mukisa to follow her call.

The original title for this post would have implied that we have been stalking her. Well, for a new artiste to receive the amount of mainstream media attention and appearing on multiple radio and TV shows, we too had to take more than a second to pay attention. We listened in when she premiered her Nze’Ani song with Twonjex, and later on with Radiocity’s Misterdeejay who has hosted a number of Christian artists. (Thank you Misterdeejay for having a keen ear for good music including Gospel or Christian Music.)

Nze’Ani is a very soulful song that expresses the undying love that God has for us. It is written from the point of view one who is unworthy of the love given. Solome in the interview we mentioned earlier shared about her good-gone-bad relationship that forced her to go on a journey of rediscovering her identity and who she is.

When she was asked why she decided to step out this year, she says, she has God and her friends to thank for pushing her and not allowing her to settle for less. She has sung with the popular Worship Harvest music team and as well as Maurice Kirya and Pragmo but mostly as a backup artist.

Watch the interview below. We however wonder why she has not reached out to us yet. We are waiting and we think her upcoming concert is going to be one to die for.


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