[Review] Nkulembera – Coopy Bly’s Music Video

A few weeks back, Uganda’s award-winning Gospel Singer Coopy Bly shared pictures from Vietnam. They were beautiful pictures of him and his soon (we don’t know how soon) to be better half. Well, little did we know that this journey which our sources revealed was for family related reasons would also yield to the making of what I would call a very simple but very beautifully done music video.

Nkulembera which is Coopy Bly’s first 2015 single was released much earlier on in the year and I must confess was one I would define as nice judging on the reggae beats produced by Nessim. It was only after the video release that I fully understood the song as the gem it is. The Nkulembera song talks about, Coopy Bly’s need for God to guide and direct him as he walks the earth.

The video shows Coopy as the lone main actor who takes us throughout the Vietnam and singing or rather praying that God should guide him. The music video succeeds in making you see the different activities that the people in Vietnam engage themselves on the daily. As I said earlier, this video is simple and beautiful. You will enjoy it. Thanks Coopy and welcome back home. We are glad you brought the perfect gift.


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