Artiste? This is why you should listen to an industry player or not.

Artiste? why You should listen to an industry player or not.

Artiste? why You should listen to an industry player or not

Recently I read something somewhere. It is the reason I am here writing this post. In the Western World, there are key industry players who are paid to listen to music and tell what would or would not work for an artist or musician based on a number of things. We are hoping that as an artist or artist manager or whatever the role you play in the music industry you encourage your artist to let other people listen to the artiste’s songs before release to give honest feedback. 

Now. These people called industry players are those who have had experience with the publics’ reception or rejection of music. These are people who will listen to your song and say, “It is good but the producer could have done better. You could have done better too.” More often than not, they are right. Why are they right? They have experience. They have seen some songs go unnoticed while others thrive. We are saying all of this with the assumption that all the said songs are given the same opportunity of airplay or promotion.

Why should you listen to them?

One. We have just stated that they are more often than not, right. Also, they are normally the same people you expect to help in the song promotion. This is not to suggest that you seek to please industry players. The person you choose to critic and direct you musically, should be one who has your best interest in mind. They will encourage you when you do it right. They will also lovingly correct you when you don’t get it right.

Why you  should not listen to industry players?

These people are also human. They are bound to love certain kinds of music styles and forms. Each of them looks at different things when choosing a song to promote. This is not to say that these things will totally bias their view of your product, no, it may not. The other reason is based on history. Some of the most successful singers/songs are those who were told they could not make it with a particular sound or the song was simply the wrong one for their audience. It therefore goes without saying that the industry player can be wrong even though we have stated that more often than not, they are right.

How then should you approach an industry player.

We recommend that before you try to find out what the industry player thinks, you must understand who your audience is as an artist. Also make sure that what you are saying in the song is exactly what you want to say. Also, make sure that you say what you want to say the right way. With proper learning, you can reach a place where you can tell something is not right with your music. This then makes your encounter with an industry player more of a “what will or will not work?” kind of conversation and not a “can you please give my song the approval I so badly need and will probably break down if you tell me I need to change?” talk.

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