Dr Stephen Watiti: A story of HIV/AIDS and hope.

Dr Stephen Watiti At Destiny Leadership Expo 2014.

Dr Stephen Watiti At Destiny Leadership Expo 2014.

Being the team that seeks to entertain, educate and inspire you, we came across a story worth telling. This is a story of Dr Stephen Watiti and we call it the story of hope because of the many reasons you are about to read here. His story and achievements given his status is proof that you can be fruitful regardless of living with HIV/AIDS or not.

Dr Stephen Watiti was born on 11th of May 1953. He went to Nabumali Hight School between 1972 and 1978 then joined Makerere University. He worked at Rubaga Hospital as a medical officer from 1984 to 1988 and then joined Entebbe Road clinic till 1991. He was one of the founding members of Joy Medical Center in Ndeba in Kampala Uganda where he worked from 1991 to 2004. Currently doing private consultancy work focusing on HIV/AIDS, he worked with Mildmay Uganda till 2013 before stepping down. He is a man who loves gardening, reading and writing. In fact he has been a columnist with the New Vision, one of Uganda’s daily newspapers since 2006. His column is titled, “Face HIV With Dr Watiti.”i He has two books to his credit including, “HIV/AIDS: A Hundred Commonly Asked Questions” and “Conquering HIV/AIDS: My personal Experience of living with HIV.”


He is one of the speakers that graced the 2014 edition of the Annual Leadership Expo and workshop organized by Destiny Consult under Dorothy Kisaka and tema of market place influencers and speakers including Dr James Magara, Amos Wekesa and many more. In light of Dr Stephen Watiti’s contribution, it is no surprise that he has been recognized both nationally and internationally by organizations such as ACTIONAID International, Standard Chattered Bank, TASO Uganda, Rotary Club Uganda, The Uganda Christian Medical and Dental Association and The Parliament of Uganda. He is married to Naomi and together they have five children and some grand children.

Speaking at this conference he shared of acquiring the HIV and the moment when he thought he would die. All he prayed for was that God would give him five years so that he would raise his little daughter. Of course, seeing that he was sharing at the Destiny Leadership Expo, God had more than answered his prayers. While sharing his personal testimony, he talked of studying under very difficult circumstances.

Dr Stephen Watiti who exuded a lot of life and happiness told of the fact that he passed through his University simply because they were few. To this, he gives a hearty laughter. In fact, listening to him speak is so encouraging that you feel God has blessed him with security of life that can only be given by God. He first married in 1984 and eight years after their marriage his wife passed on leaving him with one child of the three. He then discovers he was not very healthy. Tells of treating HIV patients in the eighties without understanding what disease exactly was suppressing their immunity. He joined an effort to sensitive people about the disease without knowing that he would himself suffer from HIV/AID.

In 1994,as he tells, his first wife Margaret passes on with their newly born child also following. That was the beginning of a long trying time leading to him discovering that he was infected with HIV. He thought he wouldn’t live to see the year 2000 and felt his was crashing. “Back then,” he tells, “I was sick on and off. Sometimes I would go to work and my colleagues would say” Stephen, maybe you shouldn’t work today.” I wasn’t well until 1999 when my system broke down. I developed cancer, TB and Meningitis and infection of the brain.” He continues to say, “I knew I was dying but God spoke to me that i was not going to die.” This was confirmed to him by one of the ladies from his church. She had been praying for Dr Stephen Watiti and God directed her to encourage him through the scripture of Psalms 118:17. “I shall not die, but live, And declare the works of the LORD.” Because of this, event when his friends thought he was going to die, he held on the what God had promised him. Speaking on what the challenges that affect people and their work, he encouraged very many people with his wealth of knowledge.

We hope and believe that this story encourages you.

Destiny Leadership Workshop and Expo 2015.

Destiny Leadership Workshop and Expo 2015.


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