The Lock Down: A Love Hangover With Rigga and Noel Nderitu From Kenya.

Rigga of The Sinna Chorus Fame at The Lock Down In Kampala, Uganda.

Rigga of The Sinna Chorus Fame at The Lock Down In Kampala, Uganda.

Set in the cosy Kampala hangout point, Gatto Matto, The Love Hangover edition of The Lock Down was a great success. Organized by Mavuno Church Kampala which is changing location from Oasis Mall to Kampala Parent’s School for their Sunday service because of exponential growth, this even sought out all the party loving Christians. We were part of the team that partnered with Mavuno Church to remind all of you reading this about the event and also gave live event updates through our Twitter. In fact, some of you felt like you were present and indeed you were present in spirit.

By a few minutes to 7:00pm, many who could not wait to see Rigga and others tear down the even were already gathering and they were met by the beautiful ladies and gentlemen at the entrance selling tickets that also came with a Mavuno wrist bands. It was however only at a few minutes to 8:00pm that the MC for the night invited the acapella group, Canaan Gents who did a great job of breaking the ice with just one vocal piece. They were quickly followed by a singer called Winston and his friend Lujung Timothy on the acoustic. They were okay but not at their best on that day.

As soon as they were off stage, the official Lock Down DJ Stef came back to do what he does best. He was in fact getting request online and we thought it cool. The Canaan Gents were called back to meet very excited fans. They performed an acapella of the Lion King theme song, “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” then followed with a love song called Nkwagala. The most exciting thing about that song is that it features rapper Benezeri who joined them on the stage.

Rigga came to the stage and took us on a Hip Hop musical journey. He was flawless. He rapped and communicated with so much ease and managed to connect with the crowd very well. Noel Nderitu was the other artist who really amazed revelers with his vocal abilities and guitar skills. He plays keyboard too and sung very beautifully. What we then saw was back to back performances alternating from Rigga to Noel Nderitu and of course Rigga had to perform his more popular Sinna Chorus, Ring Finger, and the just released single, Fruit.

Noel Nderitu at The Lock Down In Kampala.

Noel Nderitu at The Lock Down In Kampala.

During the event you could tell that Rigga is a very dynamic artist since he did Hip Hop, Rap, Reggae and even pulled off some RnB songs. The most exciting moments of the night was when the two artists decided to play with some oldies. They really got the crowd excited.

The other great moments of the night was provided by Nasara The Poet who did awesome pieces during the night and The Band Aroma guys with an amazing lead female vocalist and two backups.

The evening led to a lot of people from Mavuno Church and other churches gathering and just having a great night out. Rigga told of how he was raised by a single mother and how during his birth she was faced with the decision of either saving herself or the baby Rigga. She told the Doctor to do his best and prayed to God to see her through the situation. God indeed saw her through and now both are devout Christians praising God for all He has done in their lives.

A few minutes after 10pm the even came to an end and we all made for our homes. Our thanks to Mavuno Church for organizing The Lock Down. Till next time. We are out.



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