Artist/Musician: Why Should Anyone Listen To Your Music

Artist: Why Should Anyone Listen To Your Music

Artist: Why Should Anyone Listen To Your Music (Picture source:

We have written a few things here for the musician and how to make music for radio. Today we are asking a question that we hope each artist or musician has asked themselves. There is a lot of music out there. There’s lots of music by genre, country, tribes, instrumental/vocal music, and many more places. From the sound you hear when an African drum beats to the Indian flute, to the Spanish guitars and the church grand piano sound backed by the church choir. There is already the variability that comes with taste and preferences and people being united by their love for music from a certain genre. Some people are so specific to the kind of music that they listen to and want little or nothing to do with anything else.

Back to our questions. Why should someone listen to your music. Among the so many music legends and composers together with the already established artists and the new but equally very gifted artists? Today we wish to reveal to some of you the seriousness that needs to be given to perfecting your craft because your competition (yes, COMPETITION) is vast. Some musicians give their least while at the same time expecting the whole world to give them a listening ear.

Have you as an artist or musician sat down and really asked yourself why anyone should listen to you and not your competitors? Here we are writing like having people who listen to you means them not listening to others but that is far from the truth. We also insinuate that it is a competition and yet we know some of you just want to make music. Come to think of it, when someone is listening to your music it means they cannot be listening to another artist or musician at that same time. Well. Without asking yourself the above question, you can’t give your all and hence won’t have that extra edge. Also, failure to ask yourself that question means you probably won’t define your target audience and that means it will be harder for to be appreciated by any category.

In comparison to others in your genre or country, where would you place your lyrics, production, and vocals or flow (for rappers)? It is obvious that the artist will be excited about their own music but that does not qualify your song to be one of the best. There is perhaps as much bad music as there is good music. Hence, you must ensure that you are doing something differently or the same as what is existent.

Have you taken time to study your audience? Have you asked yourself why most successful musicians work with the best producers? Why should someone pay their hard-earned money to purchase your material? Why? Why? Why?

Find the answers to those questions and you will be on the right track. Better till, ask someone who you think has a good ear for what will work.



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