The Hipipo Music Awards (HMA): Julie Mutesasira Wins

When the inaugural Hipipo Music Awards which came to save the face of Awards in Uganda was held in 2013 and there was a Gospel Category which saw artist Emron win in a song called Body Guard, which featured Sizzaman. In 2014, the second Hipipo Music Awards took place and saw two categories put for Gospel Music.  The Male Gospel Song Award was taken by Richard Masembe for Mukama Mpa Okukumanya and Female Gospel Song was taken by Julie Mutesasira for the song Saba. This song by Julie Mutesasira also won her a VIGA Gospel Music Award the same year.

The 3rd annual Hipipo Music Awards ceremony was held on the night ht of February the 7th at Wonder World (former DIDI’S World) auditorium. This being the third ceremony of its kind in one of the few surviving awards ceremonies in Uganda, many musicians were in attendance. What interested us the most was what the awarding committee called the Religious category. This names meant that it did not just consider Christian/Gospel Artists but rather placed all music affiliated to any recognized religious sect under one category.

In fact, the nominees included Levixone for his hit song Jungle, Julie Mutesasira for “List Ya Mukama,” and Pastor Wilson Bugemebe who is under fire from the mainstream media for the Celebrity Sunday was nominated for his single, Ssibiwulira. On this nomination list was also, Dr Hilderman a mainstream artist with a couple of gospel songs yo his name. He was nominated for the song, “This Year.” Finally, the Muslims had to rally behind Swahaba Wakabaka for his song Amiina. In fact, our sources state that he was one of the many artists who graced the HMA ceremony.

It is with great pleasure that we announce to you that songstress Julie Mutesasira who is greatly loved for songs like Saba and many more emerged the winner. We here say, congratulations Julie Mutesasira. In the Hipipo Music Awards, Julie Mutesasira has won the most number of times.


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