[Review] Robinsan – Embela #Music #Video

Embela is Luganda to mean “situation.” The song talks about the situations that we face in this world. The 2014 VIGA AWARDS winner for the best Dancehall artist of the year encourages the listener to wait on God because the situation will change. The song thrived because of its very inspiring message more than any other reason.

The video for a song with this kind of message would have taken so many directions in terms of storyline. There’s too many ways the story could have been told. In fact, you would be shocked if the story was not properly told but no worries, it is well told. You see, King Wesley of Spirit Fm taking the lead acting role of a man who is having a lot of trouble with family and work. You also see the son who asks her mother for what to eat but she could not provide either food or school fees. The situation (Embela) changes and the man, (King Wesley) gets a good job thanks to a female friend.

The video is almost entirely shot in a slum with Robinsan making appearances with a band. Well, we hope you have watched the music video.

You can leave your own thoughts on that music video.


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