[Review] Love Love – Holy Keane Amooti #Music #Video

Toward the end of 2014 Holy Keane Amooti a Ugandan Gospel Dancehall, Reggae artist released a song which is not in the style we knew him for, this song titled “Love Love” became an instant hit for its great lyrics and upbeat vibe. With the success of this song on radio, the artist has now released a music video for the song.

We have shared it above so that you can watch it. Now, what will you see? The artist who is known for his crowd moving performances whether in front of 10 people or thousands decided to give us that feel in this video. We think it worked well with the song. The fast camera movements and stage performances with the crowd literally dying of excitement will keep you glued to whatever device you use for watching this  music video.

One thing. The video will also make you want to attend every Holy Keane Amooti concert because the expression on the people’s faces just make you join in on their moment. The video is a first of its kind for Holy Keane Amooti and many artists who have not experimented with the use of stage performances as a concept for their music videos.

Anyway, what do you think about the music video. Rate it out of 10 in the comments section below.


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