Indecent Dressing Invades Uganda Gospel Music. Before we go any further, some spoken word for you all if you haven’t watched it already. First and foremost let us share with you this definition of indecent

in·de·cent  (ĭn-dē′sənt)


1. Offensive to accepted standards of decency or modesty; lewd or vulgar: found the movie to be indecent. 2. Not appropriate or becoming; unseemly: bought up distressed properties with indecent enthusiasm. See Synonyms at unseemly.

Secondly, your writer is one who often avoids very contentious issues but then again some things must be addressed. We are a voice that many of you have come to trust. What that means is, when your writer is behind the steering wheels, personal opinion is avoided and we go for a more ‘we’ outlook on things. In this case, if we do not speak out, we would have failed both you our followers, loyal readers and most importantly God. We would like to state that we do not oppose the crowd that loves music as an art and one that can be used to express love, after all, we wouldn’t want the newly married man to dedicate the “Hallelujah” chorus to their bride. Now on to the real issue. We have been watching on the sidelines as a couple of female Gospel musicians dress in a manner that is not worthy of a Christian singer. This is not an issue in Uganda alone. We have seen other countries face the same situation. In our interactions with some of the industry thought leaders, some blame it on the music video producers who know what will sell in the world. The problem is, hopefully, the Christian musicians have a different focus and are set apart to the calling. Others say, these artists need discipling and are Christians who are not perfect and are growing in their walk with Christ. That is okay and we know that not everyone will be on the same level spiritually. However, (please scroll up and read the definition of indecent again), there is something decent and that which is indecent. If a person is watching a video by a secular artist, there must be a difference between that artist and one who has branded (emphasis, Branded) themselves as a Christian singer. We do not want to wonder, “Is this video for a Christian artist or….” When you put the idea in people’s minds that you are a Christian singer or artist, the Christians are going to have an expected standard that you must follow. Why? Well, every community has standards and whereas the ‘unchurched’ will probably see one of these videos or stage performance attire and say it is decent, the Christian may not agree. Please. Please. Please. Please. In a Nigerian accent, “We beg.” Be clear on where you want to stand. Don’t play with the children of God. We never want to be the ones pointing fingers and that is why no name is mentioned here. Unfortunately, that also means this message may not be received by the intended persons. This is why, you may consider passing this on through your social media or any possible means. We cannot stay silent. If you are a Christian artist, please resist the temptation to try to appeal to the lusts of men’s eyes. You will fail to fall on any side, let alone please every side if you do that. We do not wish to hurt anyone with this article but rather pray and hope that this is God’s hand reaching out to you. It is never too late. Also, consider repenting for your indecency because it is the last thing that the church needs. Thank you. What are your thoughts! Feel free to share. Is this problem affecting only the musicians or it is a representation of what has long overtaken the church unawares?


One response to “Indecent Dressing Invades Uganda Gospel Music.

  1. What a wonderful post. “My people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge”
    There is too much world in Uganda’s gospel music to the extent that it becomes difficult to distinguish it from secular music. All worldly and ungodly fashions including extensive make-ups, indecent dances and weird hairstyles have invaded gospel music and the songs themselves are done in the flesh and thus no impact on the listener, save for the few who try to make it to God’s standard! We should not conform ourselves to the standards of this world because it is against God. Let us repent and turn to God with all our hearts so that He can deposit in us His real nature and give us divine songs for His purpose.


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