[Review] Shuga – Daisy Ejang And Levixone

Daisy Ejang a former Tusker Project Fame Christian vocalist who has had big songs such as Mia Teko, Yawa De, and of recent, Incredible among others had a collaboration with Levixone who needs no introduction. The Jungle and Nonya Omu singer Levixone is the lover in the video who rides a bicycle to meet his lover. Shuga is a love song by two Christian artists that has already received enormous airplay and set the two as very hard-working artists.

On to the video. The video is set in the village and tells an African love story, where the boy (Levixone) throws a stone to the house roof to announce his arrival. This meets an excited girl who is grooming herself in anticipation. She escapes to meet her lover who carries her to a location not so far from her home and most of the video scenes are taken from there.

As sure as all things come to an end, this Shuga video comes to an end with the boy (Levixone) taking his girlfriend (Daisy Ejang) back to her single mother who is justifiably worried. No attempt of the boy accepting to receive the girl’s punishment for her absence is accepted by the furious mother who drags the girl into the house. The rest is left to your imagination.


Honest opinion, you can’t fail to find what to love about the video. It is an exciting one. Story well told and the dancers did great too. 


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