[Review] Fortune Spice – Nkwambale Song and Video.

Fortune Spice a Ugandan Reggae/Dancehall and Afrobeat musician comes across as an artist who given the right hands could become one of those really outstanding ministers/artists. In 2014 he worked with Phila Kaweesa a Reggae/Dancehall artist to produce the song Nabila which did really well on radio and with many Ugandan Christian DJs. In the song Nkwambale which we have had for quite a while, Fortune Spice and little known Benji produce a song that takes a hold of your heart slowly but surely.

The Reggae song with elements of RnB is a step in the right direction. In a recent event which we attended, Fortune Spice said that this song helps him commune with God. It is no wonder that that feeling is carried in the way he delivers his lyrics and the producer at Slim Beats lays down instruments that do not compete with Fortune Spice’s voice to place the final stump of excellence on this deep song.

Let’s talk lyrics. Nkwambale is a well written song lyrically and the fact that you share in Fortune Spice’s love and desire to know God as told through the lyrics is a major plus. The song has already made its way to many radio rotation. It is one that is deserving of that and more.

The richness of vocabulary in the second verse especially just makes you fall in love with Luganda, the language in which it is written. Nkwambale is Luganda to mean, “wear you.” He desires to be fully clothed in God. We cannot finish this review without talking about the ad libs in the song and the female voice that does backup. This song is one that you need for spiritual enrichment as well as for the time when you want the less noisy and loud music.

Here is the music Video which is just released.


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