[Review] Exodus And Ringtone Release “Party Leo” A 2015 Hit Song

IMG_20150202_203911 From the time the beat starts to Exodus saying Zuukuka, to the chorus and everything else, you will be hooked. The production and instrumentation are too exceptional that you could listen to it without the voicing done by Exodus and Ringtone. Credit must be given to Charmant Mushanga (Shalma) who plays the guitar in this song which was produced right here in Uganda. In fact, rumors of this collaboration was confirmed to us by the two artists as we interacted and then they shared the pictures on their social media to confirm that the two East African multiple award-winning singers were up to something. Party Leo, which is currently on repeat is an effortless hit song that is going to take over in 2015 because it gives you that very rich African dance vibe. As a matter of fact, if this song does not get you dancing and celebrating, then there must be a serious problem that needs immediate attention. The very catchy, simple and easy to sing along  to lyrics are what get you hooked. Once again, producer D King does not disappoint on the production. We here cannot wait for the video. Listen to the song and share your thoughts below. https://youtube.com/watch?v=dvh7ohcnZQ0


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