My love, not once not twice but so many times I got on my knees and prayed,
I asked God to send me someone that would love me unconditionally.
That would accept me with my weirdness, all my dirty flaws and ugly weaknesses.
For someone that would teach to love the right way, as I did not know how to…
And yes He sent me you…
Each time I look into your eyes, I look up the sky and am like…
‘Thank you Lord you answered my prayer’.

From the very first time we met, the very first hello we said,
That first glance into your eyes, deep down I knew…
I couldn’t explain it but I knew…
There was something special about you and I!
And even though I was terrified and vowed never to fall in love because it was just too hard,
The way you loved me, your love- melted my heart away…

And well, this our love is not a fairytale- it’s far from that,
Our love is made of sunny days and stormy weathers, but even through the storm,
Darling, you are there. Even when I hurt you…
Darling, you still stick like glue and tell me how much you love me!
In my eyes, you’re the true depiction of, ‘Love is all about forgiveness’.
Your love is patient, your love is kind- it is much more than I would ever ask for…
Yes I smile- I smile so much every time I think about you,
Because well, your love has changed me, see this right here, is what your love has done to me…
It has turned into a loving forgiver!

Even though I can’t look ahead and peer into what the future holds for us,
One thing’s for sure…
Boy, you opened my heart to love, you taught me how to love!
And each time I get on my knees and pray, I pray…
That God give us strength to hold onto this love,
That He gives me strength to fight for our love- no matter how strong those waves may come…
Because this love – our love, is worth it…
Darling, you are worth it,
Every single minute, hour and day with you is worth it.
So I will love you unconditionally and faithfully.
Because you, are worth it!

Thank you for loving me,
Your Love.


One response to “[POEM] DARLING YOU ARE WORTH IT – By @Noisey_I

  1. Awesome piece, we all need somebody who can truly pour out how they feel about us. Most importantly is to mimic Christ Jesus as much as we can until we get it right to live love, for He is the true descriptive and definitive icon of love.
    God Bless


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