Pastor Wilson Bugembe’s Celebrity Sunday Attracts Desire Luzinda, Juliana Kanyomoozi, Bebe Cool and many others.

Desire Luzinda at Celebrity Sunday at Light The world Church of Pastor Wilson Bugembe

At a few minutes to 10:00am on Sunday the 25th 2015, I was at the Light The World Church Nansana. The reason I had braved the Northern bypass jam was to attend the now annual Celebrity Sunday which has become quite the attraction. The earlier service ended but only a few of those who had come early left the church building, this meant that it would be hard for those who had come for service (or to see their celebrities) could not fit in the almost full church hall. 

P_20150125_132523After patiently waiting, I manage to make my way into the Light The World Church building. The service started at about 20 minutes after 11 o’clock. Patriko Mujuuka a comedian known for his role in Akandolidoli was the MC for the night, he went into the tedious and long job of breaking the ice and welcoming the celebrities by having them introduce themselves one by one. In attendance were celebrities like Cindy Sanyu, Annet Nanduuja, Halima Namakula, Maro, King Saha, Gravity Omutujju, Mama Fina, Bebe Cool, Juliana Kanyomoozi, Desire Luzinda, former mayor of Kamapala Nasser Ntege Ssebagala, Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, Mukasa Mbidde and many radio and television personalities including Mile Rwamiiti and Douglas Lwanga both of NTV, King Wesley of Spirit fm.

The celebrities Sunday could not have happened without the Gospel celebrities (I know many of them do not wish to be called celebrities but ministers). In attendance was Exodus, Levixone, Jackie Senyonjo, Holy Keane, oh and Maureen Kabasiita who introduced herself as a born again Christian for over 10 years.

While the service was taking place, we had the occasional interruption by screams from out of the church which would follow the celebrities into the church building whenever they arrived. Comedian Pablo (Kenneth Kimuli), Mun G, GNL Zamba, Catherine Kusaasira, Maureen Nantuume, Paddyman, Tony Hauls and many other celebrities were also in attendance.

The highlights of the service include the Bebe Cool testimony of God healing him after he was shot. He went on to say that it was not his lowest moment. His lowest moment was when his wife left him. He was however quick to give words of wisdom that, we should all respect each other. After him came Juliana Kanyomoozi who also thanked God for seeing her through. She thanked her fans for prayers for her when she lost her only child right before she sung the song Kanyimbe.

Juliana Kanyomoozi who Pastor Wilson Bugembe wishes and prays becomes a gospel musician when she retires then sung Juanita Bynum’s I Will Wait For You song. She said that this album is what she plays whenever she is at her lowest moment. After Juliana’s stage exit, Mama Fina who is the head of all witch doctors in Uganda joined Pastor Wilson Bugembe on the stage for what was to be a brief discussion. She said when God chooses, the sun won’t go down before she gets onto the pulpit to declare the oracles of the Lord. She also confessed and did not deny that, no matter the amount of powers a witch doctor has, they can never compare to that of God. This brought the thousands gathered at the church to clap their hands vehemently with shouts of praise to The Almighty.

Mama Fina would later be the first person to contribute to the cause that the celebrities picked up and that is to raise money to build classrooms for children featured on NTV Uganda’s news. Pastor Wilson Bugembe was meant to then exit the stage for another program to commence but he requested Patriko Mujuuka the MC to allow him have a moment with Desire Luzinda.

“How do you feel?” Pastor Wilson Bugembe asked Desire Luzinda when she joined him on the seat set on the church stage. She said she was well and went on to say she cried for days when her nude pictures leaked to the public but she thanks Halima Namakula, Annet Nadujja and Pastor Wilson Bugembe who stood with her during her hard times. She was very jolly when she said it made her stronger and she thanked all her fans for standing with her to the time of recovery. She said that if she was not fully recovered she would have not managed to be in such a public gathering and let alone at church. When Pastor Wilson Bugembe who said the church does not condemn her asked her whether she regretted anything, she said she did a lot of that but then what happened was a mistake.

Bobi Wine was perhaps one of the last celebrities to arrive at the church service and yet his wife had arrived much earlier. Mendo the comedian (acting as President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni), came in to make the crowd laugh at him hitting at Betty Nabooze, Kiiza Besigye and Olara Otunu who both failed to make it to church. He also hit at Seya (Former Kampala Mayor), and Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago. By the time all of this happened, the service which had started at about 11:20 was coming to an end. It was already 3:30pm and I had had enough of the celebrities Sunday. Till next time, I was up and running out of the church building which was as hot as the African kitchen.


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