Sandra Suubi: A Vocalist who is in the Airtel Trace Stars Race. How To Vote For Her


The writer first saw Sandra Suubi with Watoto Church for a Christmas production where she delivered a stellar performance of a Cece Winans song. Sandra then became one of the three beautiful ladies that made up the girl group Xabu. If there is a talent worth supporting, Sandra is one such rare talents. Just recently, we noticed that she is in the Airtel Trace Music Star competition. She talked to us about how she joined the competition.

I joined the  AIRTEL music star competition one evening using my phone I recorded one an original composition called African Woman that we wrote with a team from First love studios and my friends Tonya and Brenda. I remember I sent the first recording and my father who was seated right next to me said, I needed to do a better one. So I recorded my self again and sent it. God is awesome,  He helped me get to the top 200. We were called to sing in front of the judges and From the 200 thirty people were selected. We had our first live performance in front of the judges and the awesome audience last Thursday and Praise God I made it to the top 12

The next show is on Thursday 22nd during the evening at Ndere Center. She says, “We are four people in each of the judges teams. Two people in each group will be eliminated this Thursday and this will depend completely on the votes that each person accumulates before the show.”


USING AIRTEL/ WARID sms/text 56105454 to 162 . You can vote as many times as many times as possible.

VOTING closes before the show on Thursday 22nd 2015, but it is safer to vote before Thursday.

She concluded with a vote of thanks in advance “I am so grateful for your support, may God richly bless you”

We also asked her to tell us how she developed her passion for singing and music. She said,

“As a child I always performed for different people when ever I had a chance. One scenario was a day that I went with my aunt to the saloon and she had to pick some things so she left me with the saloon ladies for a while to go pick it. On returning she found me on top of the table singing and dancing for the whole saloon. I was below five when this happened

My family recognized my interest in music at a young age and so they  always encouraged me to perform and sing for them. I have grown up like that . As I grew older and learnt more about the gifts and talents that God gives to us, I have come to this point where I know that God has given me this talent to accomplish His purpose.  So it us about sharing what you have with those around you

Music is a language that everyone understands. It is a powerful tool to reach out to different people and I am glad humbled at the possibilities that come with this gift.”



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