Once upon a time I fell in love,

Madly in love with the most amazing man in this World.

See…his love was patient, kind, forgiving, warm, everything I always dreamt about.

So when he asked me to marry him, I didn’t think twice, I said YES! YES! YES!

From then on, I called him my first love, and he called me his beloved.

But then, something happened…

This love that once made my heart skip a thousand times didn’t anymore.

You see, everyone and everything around me seemed to suggest that well I deserved better!

That this love was absolutely boring and a complete illusion.

As I wallowed in my confusion,

A handsome lad came my way just in time to make my new decision.

He was charming, exciting, famous gave me all the pleasures of the World!

There and then like a fool in ‘love’’

I held his hand and turned my face away from my first love.

I could hear him crying, begging me to come back.

That he truly loved me would always love me and would wait for me.

But…I gave him a deaf ear,

I mean, someone else had gripped my heart and well, I could not keep him waiting.

In my new life, there is no doubt that I was happy, extremely excited and living

Like a princess. But that was just for only while, a little while…

Yes, he gave me everything this World had,

And every time we walked hand in hand, every girl wished they were me.

Everyone thought I had it all!

Everyone thought I had the perfect life.

Everyone, everyone, except me!

I felt empty, and for the first time in a very long time,

I yearned for my first love.

This new love could not at all match up to the kind of love that my first love gave me

And well sooner than later, this ‘love’ left me…

He left me much more broken, lost and confused.

But my first love was still by my side.

After everything I had done to him he still held my hand and told me he loved me.

After hurting him so much, he did not just want me back…

He loved me even more, I was amazed!

Such love is like God’s love for us,

A thousand  times we fail yet his mercy still remains.

A thousand  and more times we keep breaking and breaking his heart  but he does not love us less.

A thousand  and more times we deny him yet he still calls us his beloved children.

We keep giving up on him, but he has never given up on us,

He keeps giving us a thousand and more chances to experience his LOVE.

That there is what I call, ‘True Love’.


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