Producer D King Works With Gospel Singer Benjaah Edwards on New Single Amari Yesu (@BenjaahEdwards)

amari yesu

Uganda’s best audio producer at this moment D King worked with VIGA Awards Nominated Gospel Singer Benjaah Edwards who broke into the Gospel music scene with his timeless Aneno Rwot hit. He went on to release an album with the same title and later worked on the Free Indeed song that was released in 2013 and was nominated in the category of RnB, Soul and Jazz.

In 2014 he worked on the “I am Here” song that we are hoping he does a video for. Recently we got to know of his upcoming single with the title Amari Yesu. This is what he wrote on his Facebook page about the song after the release of the artwork.

It is happening. That Amari Yesu song is about to be released and those that changed their pictures to the song artwork, you are the reason why the sky is blue. My thanks go out to the online guys giving me a hand with the song release and all…. Also my thanks to the DJs and Radio presenters we’re in touch with…..

Something happened during the song production. I wrote the verse the first time and was ready to work with it. However before I could do the recording God told me to change everything. I believe the message is simple. My love for God and God’s undying love for me. I actually give an afrospiritual song an interpretation of my own. #AmariYesu

Here is his I Am Here song for you to continue listening to as you wait for the Amari Yesu song which takes on the Afropop music genre.


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