Making Music For Radio: What musicians/artists should know

If trends is anything to go by, Ugandan musicians whether Gospel or secular need to focus just a bit more on their social media. An article I read in The Guardian about what songs make it to the A-List (that is songs given the biggest number of slots for airplay) are songs of artists with good YouTube views, many followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Yes, Uganda and most of Africa hasn’t reached those levels but our prediction is that we are getting there sooner than later. The thing is, it is easier for radios to play music from artists with a huge fan base just as it is easier for online platforms like UgGospelLife to make mention and talk about artists who are known.

We wrote about the five major reasons a promoter will not push your content and mentioned that it is simpler to work with who you know. This is not to discourage new artists. We started reading and looking out for things we believe are helpful for your career as an artist. The knowledge of what music or artist brand is likely to be accepted by a radio station is important.

Also, maybe this is not yet happening here because generally Africans, whether young or old just love to dance. This means that the average age of an artists’ fan base doesn’t necessarily dictate whether a song by an artist gets onto radio. The age-old habit of musicians ranting about their songs being ignored by radio stations is not exclusive to Uganda or your country. At some point and for whatever reasons, a song may not get to the radio station playlist. Perhaps, in stead of ranting and calling names or being offended, the right thing to do is find out why and try to do something to change the ‘why?’

In every country there is a radio station(s) that is the leader in shaping what music is played by other stations due to their total reach. Consider studying their playlist and understanding what they would want for their shows. Sell a bit of your soul to get airplay. What we mean is, do not be rigid when it comes to style. Be dynamic. Experiment with what works for their listeners after all, if you are not singing for an audience you probably need to leave your songs in the bathroom and not take them to studio for professional recording.

As an artist, musician or band who wants to ensure that your music is suitable for radio, make sure you understand the concept of Commercial radio. This is one of the forms in which radio broadcasting is done. You must know that your music should be good enough to keep listeners glued to their radio. Of course the team that is choosing the music to put on rotation cannot over experiment with mediocre music or music from artists whose brand does not spell or show seriousness.

We are going to keep on learning and hopefully this article was helpful for you as an artist, artist manager or aspiring artist. Share with anyone you think needs this information. God bless you.


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