Tales From The Motherland: A Project That Unites African Artists


There are ten songs on the Tales From The Motherland Project. All I am writing now is before I have listened to any song form it. The project came out on the 7th of January and you can get your download from The Live Large Productions Website.

Anyway, let me listen in. I have however already seen that the David Kalilani, Michelle Martins (His Brand) and Black Skill,  Mphamvu song is on the playlist. DJ Twonjex introduced it to me on his beatstreet show. Dope song it is.

Against the temptation of writing while listening in, I will listen till the end and give you a general honest opinion of the project. In the meanwhile, the project concept seeks to unite Africans because it is Africans and especially African Hip Hop artists can speak to the African situation better that any other artist. At least that is what the intro seems to suggest. Did I say I wouldn’t write before the song ends.

Let me wait.

David Kalilani, Courtney Antipas and Fereal are on the first song. It comes across as A back-in-time kind of hip hop song. It is a good song to open the album, it says, “It’s our time to shine.”

Harambee brings us closer to home with Kiswahili on the chorus and Tha Disciple Clan, Leah and Carlisto on that joint. It encourages unity in the industry. It suggests that we need to share the same sentiments. It goes along the same kind of production in the first song.

I’m An African is the next some. It incorporates skillfully played guitar. It is delivered by Siya, KBG and Obie Cross. Mano Juvane, Black Flame, Clay Misfit and Fizzikal come in to take us away in the track stand up. Fereal finally gets to delivering something other than rapping but she is joined by Michelle HisBrand (Martins) who is no stranger to killing the beat. She does the track justice.

Mano Juvane, KBG, Big Ralph rap about being unapologetic about their faith. Ambassador LG and Tanzanian Elandre, and Lutron team up on the song Change Gonna Come. The album finally picks up after Mphamvu. Change Gonna Come is for our French-speaking brothers and that is its greatest selling point.

Finally. Not to say I was dying to finish the album or rather finish reviewing it. But yes. Finally, Sonny Soweez from Uganda and the only Ugandan is on the last song, I’m Young. Shall you blame us for the bias. Anyway, she is joined by Mawat, TLT, and J Barz.

Honest opinion. Would give the album a sixty-five percent. Why? For one, it brings many African artists. I however think it could have had a lot more diversity when it comes to production. The songs that stand out is Mphamvu (obviously), Change Gonna Come, and maybe, I’m young, Stand Up and I’m African. Those are your writer’s views. Download the project, listen to it and give your views on Twitter @UgGospelLife. Rate the album out of 100 %.


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