Andrae Crouch: His Life, Legacy, Achivements and Battles


Andrae Crouch is known as “the father of modern gospel music.” He is an artist who I got to know through so many of the current big names. Most if not, all the artist making it big currently in Gospel music say they were inspired by Andrae Crouch. He wrote his first song at age 14 and was an outstanding song writer and music arranger.

He worked with many mainstream artists including Elton John, Quincy Jones, The Commodores, Diana Ross and Ringo Star. However, more notable was his role in directing the choir in Michael Jackson’s Man In The Mirror and Madonna’s Like A Prayer.

In his 72 years of life he won 7 Grammy Awards and 4 Dove Awards with multiple other awards. He also wrote timeless top-notch songs such as The Blood Will Never Loose Its Power, My Tribute (To God Be The Glory), soon and very soon, Jesus is the answer, Through It all and other great songs. In a Billy Graham crusade he tells of how his father laid hands on him and prayed for God to give Andrae the gift of music. All that he had to do was use the gift for the glory of God. Telling from his life and legacy, he really used his Gift for the glory of God.

No life of a minister or any person for that matter is without challenges and hindrances that could have discouraged him from ministry. Andrae suffered from dyslexia, a condition that affects reading and hence he used illustrations and often drew pictures to help him write and memorize songs.

He battled cancer, diabetes, pneumonia and was hospitalized a few days before he passed away on Thursday 8th January. In his lifetime he worked on songs that other singers including Elvis Presley recorded and his music featured on The Colour Purple. We could go on and on about his life and legacy but that may not be of importance. More than anything he lived his life for God’s glory.

We here say, May His Soul Rest In Eternal Peace.

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