We Did A Simple study Of 2014 Top Ten Songs. See Our Findings.


A short message was sent to some of the people we often interact with as UgGospelLife. One of them is DJ Muji, a legendary music selector and DJ/Presenter. Then Dj Skamzac too sent in his list. Reagan Of “The Sunday Breakfast Show” also sent in a list. And finally, singer and blogger Benjaah Edwards sent in his list. We of course would have wanted a lot of others to send in their lists, but this has been a busy season. So, we had to move on. This is what what we saw. Before we get into the results, let’s just say that all these people had to send in their personal top 10 of 2014.

What are the similarities

1. Brian Lubega who had a great musical year appears to top two of the lists submitted in. This is all for his breakthrough Nungamya worship song that made its way into church services, events, radio and TV rotation.

2. The artists that make it to at least two or more of the lists are;

Levixone with Jungle, Usiyajiliye (Hope), Kangende Noono remix.

-Holy Keane Amooti with Love Love, and Niiwe.

-Ruyonga appears on the list with Muhulire on two separate lists, Crossfire on another, with Gway for the remix of BLESS THE LORD.

-Coopy Bly appears on the lists with Beautiful God on two separate lists and Fire with Voltage singing duo.

G Way also appears with Big God at number two in one list, BLESS THE LORD on another list, and One In A Million.

-Kimera appears on two different lists with his Gwe Wange single.

-Andrea Presson appears on two separate lists as a favorite.

-Phila Kaweesa with Daddy and Time fi rise

3. The artists that appear once in each of the lists are; Jackie Wilson Bugembe-It’s My Turn, Senyonjo-Mulamu, Exodus – Happy, Daisy Ejang with Yawa De, Brian Wade – I Believe In You, Jremiah-Repent, Morgan Isaac-Betta Dan Dem, I am Here – Benjaah Edwards, Fortune Spice – Nabila, Julie Mutesasira-Saba, Kyo Yamawe –  B Lyre, Church Apology-Edwin Smith Kigozi, Don’t stop – Bhlak & Charlene, Benezeri – Mama, Gero King – Move On, and the Christ Centric Unity Riddim presented by Dj Skamzac.

Of course, this is like a listener’s choice. Feel free to add all the songs we’ve missed on this list in the comments. And do feel free to give your views. Let’s get talking.


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