The “Feeding Kosovo Challenge: See what Levixone accomplished during Christmas


VIGA RnB award winner Levixone has had a great musical year with hits that have ruled the Ugandan Christian and some mainstream radio stations. Just recently the musician hooked up with Kenyan Gospel Group  S.O.C to do a collaboration that many are waiting for like their entire life depended on it. That aside, we recently learnt of the “Feeding Kosovo #Christmas Challenge 2014.”


Levixone said in an earlier post how, the first Christmas he celebrated with food on his table was when he was 13 years old at a friend’s home. It was then that he realized Christmas was not all about just living for ourselves but living for others just as Christ did. It was then that he decided he would give back to the community he grew up from. IMG-20141226-WA0003

In a call, to action that he shared with friends and fans, he asked many to be a part by giving to the cause. What came from it is what Levixone described as a great success.

“FEEDING KOSOVO CHALLENGE WAS A GREAT SUCCESS, We were able to feed more than 100 Families in my home town Kosovo. It was such an amazing event.  We had some people saying they did not know where they were going to get food on Christmas and one was quoted saying, “REALLY GOD NEVER FORGETS HIS PEOPLE.” This made me smile. The food packages we gave out brought smiles to Families faces. I am feeling so happy about what we were able to do as a team. We’re looking forward to Giving 1000 and More meals next year because “Freely we RECEIVED and freely shall we GIVE”. I want to thank # Levixone_Music_Team #Era92_Media #Era92_Ministries, Claire_Mbabazi,  Netron, Frank, Rhoda and Maureen They really did a great Job May God Bless you.”


Photos provided by Levixone.


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