Question: How Many Ugandan Artists Can Collaborate With International Artists?


Thanks for coming to read this blog post. Some will be offended by the implications of this question. Others, well, they will just have a good read. The disclaimer is this, we do not seek to undermine anyone’s music. But then again, the question needs to be answered for those artists hoping that they can produce music that can be listened to outside the Ugandan boundaries.

Now, lets begin (The writer is literally dying of amusement in the process of writing this.) The question of how many Ugandan artists can collaborate with international artists is sparked by the recent visit by various international artists and the fact that some of Africa’s artists sing in their local languages and Uganda enjoys their music.

We would like to state that, not everyone should be built to cross over to other African countries. However, just like we have said here, some artists from Africa produce skillful works of art and are backed by great vocal skills that make the music highly appealing to a wide audience. This is something that many artists, whether secular or Gospel should look into. Can your music play anywhere in Africa or even the world? It is really not a question of language or style but mostly delivery and production.

Now, we throw the question back to you. How many Ugandan artists do you think can do collaborations with international artists and actually pull it off? Put your thoughts in the comments section below.


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