Pastor Uche Agu (@double2uche) shares his heart out about Music Ministers being abused by the church.

IMG_20141209_085549 Pastor and multiple award winning Gospel singer Uche Agu (pictured above at the recently concluded SABC Crown Gospel awards) propularly known for his Double Double song and soon to hit us with a brand new album and song as shared in our previous blog post has come out to stand for Gospel music ministers. The gospel singer in a series of posts on the social media site Twitter said, “As a music minister, growing up I was mistreated and abused.” He stands out strongly against pastors who use and abuse musicians by treating them more differently from word ministers. This he said in reference to the little or no Honorarium given to Music ministers/musicians as opposed to that given to word minister.

It is common knowledge that some are of the view that this is the word of God and freely received and freely given, however, the means of bringing the gospel and reaching the fastly changing world and technologies is not free. People should know, “Pastors are not Superior to Music Ministers, they are co-workers.” Singer Uche Agu whose latest Album “The Glory Experience” is set to be released soon went ahead to say how he hates this abuse. He however encourages the singer by saying, “My Love for God surpassed my hurt from people I served under.I was left with nothing but God came through.” There’s a lot of truth to what he shared and no Gospel Music minister should be discouraged. Look to God to open doors for you like he used Joyous Celebration to kick-start Uche’s ministry. There is a season and time for everything. Hang in there. In the right season, your time will come. We want to leave a message to pastors, events organisers and those pastor’s wives who have abused and maybe even discouraged some music ministers from continuing to do the work of God, you need to repent and have a complete mind transformation. Also, “If you are a Pastor of a Church appreciate your musicians often.” And “Most times what music ministers need is not just money but Love and Care. Pastors please when you are preaching and you want to talk to the musicians please be polite. Don’t embarras them from the pulpit.” To this we add, some people treat music ministry as a secondary thing in church and a ritual that must be finished so that the ‘real’ ministry by Word ministers should take place. In doing this you err. Words of wisdom, “If your Musician is on Salary, kindly pay him ontime. He needs that cash to sort rent, family etc. Pastors if your musicians accompany you to a preaching engagments, try and give him some of your honorarium to encourage him. Pastors if your Musician gets an oppurtunity to minister somewhere elso (in a different church or outside church) once in a while don’t cage him, allow him.” We have seen very gifted musicians who are constrained to the four walls of the church and are led to believe that that is the only place they can minister. It is true that your gift first belongs to your local church where you should serve, but it can also be used by God outside the church and after all, music reaches beyond strong walls built to fence houses through radio and Tv and other media outlets; something that would take a word minister walking door-to-door. Sometimes, “Most muscians are lied to that they are ” Serving the Lord but in the mean time the Pastors are building their Empire.” What you need to do is; in the final words of Pastor Uche “Music Ministers dont trust Pastors rather trust and serve God. That way if you get disappointed by man you will still serve God.” Read about his latest single and album in our previous post, “Uche Agu of the Double Double Fame is back”


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