He Used To Sing Secular Music But Now Sings Gospel. Read His Story (@Mikrophone7)

how_i_feelThanks to this digital age, we were intoduced to a young Zambian artist, Mikrophone7 (Real name, Kaluba Bwalya). Born in1994, this young African artist started singing along to the likes of Micheal Jackson at a tender age of 10. He went through a phase of singing a lot and then dancing and later joining a church choir before he co-formed a musical group known as Elite-Fresh. Due to the fact that the group already had a singer, he was left with no choice but start rapping to bring diversity to the group.

In the year 2013 at the age of 18, he dedicated His life to serving God and using His talent to the glory of God. His first project after dedicating his life to God was the “Die Again”M7 SOCIAllL Mixtape with the  title track “die again.” In the song He explains how God spoke to him in response to the questions that he threw at God.The track was a major success  and that surprised many, including himself because it got massive response. His music reached out to so many people in just His first year. He went on to have a “Move with Mikrophone7 Charity Show” at a shelter for the less privileged “Fountain of Hope.”

Our favorite song from him right now is “How I feel


We asked him what his message to Africa and the whole world is. He replied

“My message to the Africa and the world at Large is that, if God can save a young man like me with a very useless past? Then He can save anyone. Don’t lose hope, come to God as you are trust me,He does the cleansing. #M7NewSon”

Follow Him onTwitter: @Mikrophone7



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