Christian Singer Thrives In Fashion Industry: Vote For Him In The Abryanz Style And Fashion Awards: Details Here


Of course you must have seen him on the billboards, television and magazines like, Orange (upgrade yo swag), Airtel (together we can), New Vision ( bride and groom). He has worked with fashion agencies like ipigogo and abryanz . Maybe you just didn’t know that the Allan who appears with Cindy, Mun G on an Airtel ad is actually Allan Kutos a.k.a. katongole Allan Kutos. He is the singer behind the song Only One.

Just recently , we got to know he is nominated in the annual Abryanz style and fashion awards in the category of Most Outstanding Male Model Of The Year. Voting is already taking place. This exciting news made us get in touch to ask him a few questions about this often misunderstood industry in relation to Christianity.

When we asked how a Christian can survive in the Fashion industry, this is what he had to say,

A Christian should put boundaries I believe. Boundaries in evrything from relationships, business, etc. Every industry brings unique opportunities yet poses different challenges. Fashion has a lot of moral questions. I believe one has the right to be selective. Like not involve in bikini modelling, or overly exhibitional displays. Conscience matters, plus our social moral accountability. Practically, You survive by setting clear boundaries. God helps us to define those bounds according to what He pleases for our own life. Also, not forgetting that we christians are to be witnesses wherever we go, in all our dealings, to reflect His Mind and nature. So it’s a balance; we can’t totally abstain from engaging in useful enterprise because of  it’s besetting moral challenges, rather we simply need to step up and do what we got to do, fully trusting God to help us with creativity and wisdom to navigate that given industry not just safely, but effectively and productively.”Allan-Katongole

In the spirit of celebrating this major achievement, we call upon you to get involved in the online voting. [CLICK HERE TO VOTE ONLINE ]  <- – – Click on that link. And tap on name(ALAN KATONGOLE)  where you see the percentage. If you are logged into Facebook or twitter or google plus your profile picture will show after voting.

Or Through SMS simply type ASFA<space>C1 and send to 8888

And yes,do share this blog post on social media to spread word. Tell your friends to vote, vote and vote.

He appears in this congratulatory ad by Airtel right after the Uganda Cranes beat Ghana on home grounds.



3 responses to “Christian Singer Thrives In Fashion Industry: Vote For Him In The Abryanz Style And Fashion Awards: Details Here

  1. Absolutely right,he is tha best/outstanding…u can call it wat u want,lets vote for him n may God grant ya success n ya endeavours bro!


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