5 Major reasons why a promoter will not push your song

bild-20130710152253Are you a musician or artist manager in Uganda, East Africa or anywhere in the world? Do you ever wonder why sometimes your material gets ignored? Do you wish to know the top five reasons why a promoter will push your material or not? (Now we are sounding funny with all the questions). Perhaps you can’t wait to get into reading about the things you need to do differently. So here you go;

1. CONTENT: First and foremost, let us just state plainly that no promoter wants to be associated with what we shall call crap, for  lack of a better word. Truth is, whether it is gospel music or not, no one wishes to be pushing a song or video on their various platforms if it does not even meet the bearest standards. Honestly, ‘something good’ is subjective to so many things but, haven’t you heard songs you can’t help but love. Work towards making things that are a work of art and thought. It will go a long way in helping you in promotion.

2. INTERPERSONAL SKILLS: Secondly, sometimes a promoter will push material simply because they know the person and/or their track record of doing good things. This is the point where we say, make friends and not enemies. To be honest, any platform or media has a person or persons behind the things that are done. Whether a team or person, it is a human being. Human beings are subject to working with those who have people skills. As much as the music promoter needs to often rid themselves of personal preferences and bias, being in their good books will go a long way in making them want to promote your content.

3: DEMAND: Next, let us talk about creating a demand for your content. This may be through having your fans talk about your music, then they will request for it, or doing things like social media campaigns to get your song out there. You could also consider reaching out to many promoters to help you push your content. All of this will increase your visibility and probable demand for your content. Sometimes, music promoters really just fall in the band wagon of “everyone is pushing this, let us push it too.” Whether this gets other promoters to get on board to help you or not, doing the above mentioned things will help you broaden your reach.

4: GOOD MANAGEMENT & PR: Hopefully, no musician has to do all that is needed to get their content out and especially to promoters on their own. We here have a policy of, if you do not reach out to us, do not blame us for not finding your content and sharing it with the world. That is why we recently added an email address we hope you will make use of. However, even before we did this, a lot of the serious artists and artist managers were reaching out to us by all means.

5. ALL THE ABOVE AND SO MUCH MORE: We have shared with you the five reasons why a promoter will or will not push your content. The above mentioned reasons are our opinions and may vary from one promotion medium to the other. Of course, we hope that as an artist you dedicate all you do to God so that even if it does not receive as much hype as you would have wanted, you get the grace to move forward. Also, do remember that things always happen in the right season and timing. Only God can open doors that no man can shut. Faith without deads is dead. Don’t just record your music and leave it on your PC. Find out who does what and where. Find out how to partner with people and the different promotional media available.

Now,if you think there is an aspect; and most certainly, there will be an aspect we have ignored, share with us and all the people who will come to read this blog post what you think. We will be grateful.

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6 responses to “5 Major reasons why a promoter will not push your song

  1. After all that is said and done, the bigger artists pay enough to stay being played… so, the smaller ones have to pay to be noticed. Time you found out why this circle of life happens in the music business.


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  5. Am so glad that you care even though it’s my first time to access this site, I too is an upcoming gospel artist but really need more advice since I’ve been at school and indeed haven’t been with someone to encourage me yet truly speaking I feel can do much,hope the the merciful and gracious ALMIGHTY GOD sees me through for the glory of HIS name.
    Thank you for your kind co-operation


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