What Dr Myles Munroe wanted during his burial.

dr_munroes-bioWe cannot say enough how the world will miss Dr Myles Munroe and wife Ruth Ann Munroe . In his fruitful life, he shared so many words of wisdom that at his passing the world has had an overflow of inspiration from him.

He once said, “Don’t be a pigeon if you were born to be an eagle. Experience God’s altitude for your life.” In his life he soared with the eagles and taught the visionaries to be greater. In a comment, one person said, “While we mourn, the angels celebrate his arrival into the heavens.” (Paraphrase)

In all honesty, “The greatest tragedy is not death, but a life without purpose.” The true purpose for any human being is to fulfill all that God has called them to be. It all starts with discovering your purpose. Once you discover that purpose and live it, you will find fulfilment in life.

So, how did Myles Munroe envision his burial? This is what he said,

“I want bright colours during my funeral, come to my burial with bright colours. Yellow ties, pink socks, blue shoes, red skirt. Why? It is a good experience. Because we’re going back to our government. We been recalled for our reward. The Communist is saying you’ve done a good job”

Dr Myles Munroe

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6 responses to “What Dr Myles Munroe wanted during his burial.

  1. The entire world not only in christian fold has lost one of its prized assets in person Dr Myles Munroe. He had taught the world the word in its entirety. He concluded his mission on that fateful day.


  2. farewell Dr myles munore i want to paraphrase one of your quotes the cemetery is one of the richest place on earth on 4th December one cemetery in the Bahamas was enriched . you died on you way to preach at a conference you went with that sermon to the grave. Thank u for your input in our lives looking forward to meet u on the other side


  3. he had come to Kenya and was being interviewed by Jef Koinange, he was such an incredible man , i remember i kept taking notes as he was being interviewed , myles, you left a mark in my life , may the almighty receive you in his kingdom.
    farewell thee Munroe and your your wife.

    Karen ndiema from kenya.


  4. I heard a lot about Dr Myles Munroe only after his death, now, I am listening to his Teachings almost everyday. Surely he was with us for a purpose. I have grown more stronger Spiritually . Thank you God Almighty for your Servant, you used him to heal my Soul. Reward him for his good works.


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